The Secrets to Long-Term Blogging Success [Part 14]

Here’s another post in our series about blogging.  This is a weekly lesson where I cover how to have success with a website.  In case you’ve missed anything you can read the other articles here.

In this post we’re going to cover finish off our discussion of web traffic.  We’ve already covered the importance of having a philosophy when it comes to promotion and why certain types of traffic should be directed to a lead magnet page.

Today we’re going to cover a bunch of ways you can drive traffic directly to your blog…

“Preselling” Your Blog

There’s a great analogy I once heard about blog traffic.  When promoting your site it’s important to “presell” your content.  Blogs are all about proving you have authority in a particular niche.  So it’s important to demonstrate your knowledge before people come to your site… this makes it easy to turn a browser into a loyal reader.

To give you an idea of what I’m talking about here are six ways to presell your blog…

#1- Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is a popular way to drive traffic to a site.  Unfortunately most people do it without a strategy.  The trick to this technique is to ask questions and add value to the post being discussed.  If your comment consists of a simple “this is a great post” remark, then you’re not going to get much traffic.

Your comment should stand out from the crowd.  It should be noticed by both the blog owner and the other people visiting the site.  Add value to what’s being discussed and you’ll quickly gain the attention of people.

Furthermore, you should use a plugin like CommentLuv which automatically adds a link to a recent post you’ve made.  If have interesting titles and a great comment, it’s only natural that people will want to read stuff from your site.

Like I said before, it’s all about having a strategy.  That’s why I highly recommend this free report which discusses the 20/7 plan for blog commenting.  This is the best blueprint I’ve seen for this web traffic tactic.

#2- Guest Posting

Every blog has a core audience.  And the best way to reach these people is by writing a guest post.

When it comes to guest posting it’s important to give your best stuff.  Don’t send the blog owner rehashed crap that lacks any punch.  This post needs to be full of excellent content that provides real, genuine value to the reader.  It should make people wonder why you’re giving away this information for free.

#3- Twitter

Twitter is an incredible way to quickly build a list of followers.  But again, the trick is to stand out from the crowd.

It’s important to interact with other users.  Be helpful.  Respond to tweets and ask questions (Unfortunately, this is something I don’t have time to do with my travels). Plus you want to tweet other posts that you find useful.  This helps build the reputation that you’re a provider of good content to your followers.

Also a great way to create traffic is by giving links to YOUR posts that followers would find helpful.  Don’t make the mistake of posting affiliate links.  Remember web traffic is about preselling your site, not trying to make a quick buck.  If your content is good enough, you won’t need to push offers.  People will naturally want to buy from you.

#4- Facebook

To be honest, I’m still in the learning stage for Facebook.  So I’m definitely not an authority on this topic.

What I do know is Facebook can be an incredible way to market your site.  The trick here is interaction.   You want to ask questions, describe what’s going on in your life, and offer links to some of your best posts.

In addition, I recommend creating a fan page instead of a normal Facebook account (which is still something I have to do).  That way, you won’t be restricted by the 5000 friends limit that this site puts on people.

Bottom line… with Facebook you need to create a sense of community.  Be a real person to everyone who follows you.  Offer value and they’ll want to see what else you can teach them.

#5- Digg/StumbleUpon

Both these sites can be a source of massive traffic.  The hard part is getting noticed by users.  I’ve had a couple articles get picked up on StumbleUpon and this provides about 1/4th of my traffic.  So I can say attest to the fact that these sites really work.

What I’ve noticed is it’s important to recommend other people’s posts and create a network of users who can vote on your posts.  Furthermore the articles with the best titles are the ones that get clicked on the most.  So you definitely want title your posts in a way that creates curiosity from the casual browser.

#6- Repeat Readership

I’m currently outsourcing a graphic that’ll be placed at the end of each post.  This image will give a few different options for people.  Like join my mailing list, subscribing to my RSS feed or following me on Twitter.

The goal of any blog is to make people come back for more.  To do this, it’s important to make it easy to follow you.  Some people prefer to join mailing lists.  Others want to follow through RSS feeds.  And some like to be part of your social media circle.

My advice is to give multiple ways for someone to “subscribe” to your blog.  At the end of each post, you want to give them a way to come back for more.  Don’t assume people will remember your site.  Create a mechanism that pushes people to automatically receive your content.  That way they’ll be notified every time you have a new post or when you send out an email.

Final Thoughts…

There are a lot more traffic tactics out there.  But I’m a firm believer in the 80/20 rule.  Instead of trying dozens of different techniques, I think it’s better to concentrate on the few which bring real results.

While there are only six traffic tactics to presell your blog, I feel these are the best techniques for creating a massive flood of visitors.  All you have to do is create a traffic blueprint and work each day on this plan.

Now with that said, I’m curious about what other people do to promote their blog.  My question to YOU…  “Can you recommend any tactic that I didn’t cover here?” Please comment below.

Take Action. Get Results.

6 thoughts on “The Secrets to Long-Term Blogging Success [Part 14]”

  1. Steve,

    Thanks for another great post in a terrific series. There is certainly plenty to do. I just need more hours in each day. 🙂

    As for CommentLuv, I use it on my blog, but I’ve seen several bloggers recommend against it because it attracts spam. Is this a problem you have?
    .-= Joe´s last blog ..Review Monday – Need Your Input =-.

    • Joe,
      Yes and no…

      I get a lot of spam, but never see any of it. The Askimet plugin for wordpress is great. I really do not know how it is able to figure out spam so easily. I just looked up my past 6 mo. stats for it. It detected about 3500 spams, missed 1 and had about 14 false positives. As long as you have a strong spam filter it should not be a worry for you.

  2. Good list Steve,

    Covers some of the essentials to help get you started in the blogosphere and I think you have done well to cover what you have. I don’t know if you left out a lot on purpose but if so then that’s really clever because I newbie can read this and actually get their head around it. some lists you get half way through and the frontal lobe starts to disintegrate.

    Again, nice post – you have an easy to read style.
    .-= Alex´s last blog ..The Lifecycle of a Keyword =-.

    • Thanks Alex,

      Yeah it was part 14 in a series. I have this habit (either good or bad) of trying to make a simple and easy post idea into 3-4 parts. Somehow they always seem to blossom into multi-part saga’s. But I would rather simplify too much and make it easily accessible than to only cater to a few elite.

      By the way I have really enjoyed the last few posts I have seen on your site also and urge anyone who hasn’t seen your blog to go check it out. You write some good stuff.

  3. Well all I can say blogging can be considered as one source of good income, Its so nice of you Steve to share some tips about long term blogging, aside from that all the things you listed here are very useful, specially when you like your blog to be successful. increasing traffic and blog comments are the most commonly used in different blog site, but can we avoid spammer, aside from the plug-in called Askimet?

    • It is impossible to ever totally avoid spammers. With GASP rather than askimet (part of the new commentluv premium) a person has to manually check a box. This kills machine driven spammers, but there are still some poeple who do it manually. YOU just have to take the little time and delete their comments. (at least with gasp you do not get false positives…like askimet)

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