The Clock is Ticking…

Happy Saturday!

Today is going to be an uber-short post.

This week I finally released Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t product.  As part of this launch, I’m offering a deep discount to all blog readers and email subscribers.

On Monday the 11th (at 12:00 PM – Eastern Standard), I’ll increase this price by at least 30%.

This isn’t a scarcity tactic that Internet gurus love to use.   Check it out Tuesday and you’ll see I’m charging more for this course.

Anyway, here are a few unsolicited comments about it:

Blog Comments about Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t

Right now, you have a little over two days to get this rate.  So be sure to check out my Affiliate Marketing without the Bulls**t product.

Now Back to Our Regularly Scheduled Content…

Okay, that’s it for the over-the-top marketing push.  My product is in the can and y’all know about the deadline.  So now it’s time to get back to good ole fashioned content.

On Monday, I promise we’ll get back to the non-promotional stuff!

Take Action. Get Results.

12 thoughts on “The Clock is Ticking…”

  1. Hi Steve,

    I just wanted to tell you that I’m finished with about 1/3 of the course, and I’m very impressed about what you’ve accomplished. This is the perfect affiliate marketing course for me, and I’m learning a lot (even though I am still on vacation). I just had to walk to the public library once again to send you this message 🙂


    • Jens,

      You rock man! Thanks for going out of your way to drop by and comment while you are on your vacation! I am really glad you are getting some great information as you go through the course!


      Anyhow! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!


      • I’m so glad that I bought the premium version, the audio is just fantastic. Her voice (forgot her name) is crystal clear and I just love listening to it. I’ve been walking for hours just listening to your course. Fantastic! And I still have two more modules to listen to 🙂


  2. While reading the course Module I tried summarizing and jot down into my small pocket notebook.
    But I am struggle to jot down the notes because Steve’s content were too much “Meat”
    YOu just can’t summarize them in 1 sentence.
    this course It’s really no BullS*t
    Very “Meat!!”

    • Thanks Derick!

      I must say, I love the comment! One of my favorite sayings about the “bad” marketers is, “All sizzle, no steak

      So saying that there is too much “meat” is something really pleasing to me! Thanks for a great review! Much Appreciated.

  3. Affiliate marketing isn’t my bag (for the time being at least), but best of luck with your course – although it looks like you will not need it!

    • Thanks for the well wishes Tom. I understand. Affiliate Marketing is not for everyone and I would rather people DON’T buy it than spending their money and feeling gipped. I appreciate your stopping by and leaving a nice comment anyhow. Hopefully you will stop in again when I am NOT talking about AM. 🙂

      Have a great week!

  4. Hey Steve!

    I never spent a cent on any Internet/Affiliate Marketing product… until yesterday. Yours is the first and, with all the depth and breadth that it gets into, I don’t think I will need to purchase any other.

    I bet I missed some fun here at SSS over the last couple of months as excitement around the launch of NoBSAffiliateMarketer reached its peak. Anyway, I’m glad to be done with dodging nuclear radiation and radioactive matter in Japan, and happy to have been just in time to grab the special offer on your product!

    Congratulations on releasing “Affiliate Marketing Without The Bulls**t”! I hope (I’m sure) your sales have started picking up like crazy!

    You sure deserve your upcoming vacation! Have fun!


    • Thanks Mark!

      I have been busy busy busy with my product offer. Glad you are out of the radioactivity in Japan, before Godzilla rises there. It has been hectic. IN fact I am still finishing stuff up…and my brother drives me to the airport in about 40 minutes.

      SO with that said…thanks Glad you are liking it! and talk to ya soon!

  5. I jumped in and got your course because I’m going to get an affiliate site going this month. There were definitely some great nuggets in there and will be using it as part of my blueprint.

    I especially like the mindset parts and the emphasis of looking at Affiliate Marketing as a business, rather than just a side thing or hustle.

    Good luck on your launch & future endeavors!

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