12 Types of Email Marketing Messages [Infographic]

“What type of email should I sent to my list?”

“Do I always need to promote something?”

“How do I balance quality content with different affiliate offers?”

These are all questions that people have when it comes to list building.

Many budding Internet entrepreneurs know about the value of email marketing.  But most don’t do it because they’re unclear about what emails they should send.

So today I’ll break down 12 types of email marketing messages.

Even better – I’m going to do it with a detailed infographic.

Here we go…

12 Types of Email Marketing Messages

That’s my breakdown of the different types of emails to send to list subscribers.

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32 thoughts on “12 Types of Email Marketing Messages [Infographic]”

  1. Great infographic Steve!

    It’s extremely helpful.
    Everytime you teach me some awesome information about email marketing.
    I didn’t know that there are some many type of emails.

    I would add that some emails could share 2 or more types.
    For example I am used to couple sales and personality emails.

    • Yes, tons of different email messages to send. I think most people think that it’s only about sending affiliate offers. There are a lots of different ways to engage your list subscribers and not hit them over the head with offer after offer.

      I agree that you can combine many of these into a single message. Adding personality into all your content can be a great way to breathe life into what would be a dull email message. So… great job if you’re already doing that!

  2. Hi Steve,

    Great post – and really neat image.

    I still get frustrated with email marketing – I don’t do it that often because my list is still in its relative infancy, but it does annoy me when you get people who try to knock you down for offering them a decent service/product. I really dont get it…..

    90% of the time – its great though.


  3. I am usually stuck at maximum value and personality, that’s the two I use the most. I haven’t given it much thought, but what seems to be working the best for me is when I combine the two and provide value and add a personal story to the email. On the other hand, I am not doing any real selling with my emails, and that might be a huge difference when it comes to people who are out for the money in the emails they’re sending.

    • Jens – It sounds like you’re on the right track. I would also include the occasional sales message or some sort of offer. Not doing this at all trains people to never take action when you need them to.

  4. Hi Steve,

    Excellent infographic that resumes all the ideas about email marketing!

    As I’m building my email list for my new blog, the #6 is often not being done – I’ll remember this point.

    Btw, part of your email sent to your email list, corresponds to #2, #3 and #5, perhaps there is a loop coming so a #6 is suitable.

    Question: do you consider that adding pictures (no logos) to emails, like screenshots are useful when lot of people have, by default, images disabled?

    Cheers and thanks,


    • You’re right! It’s a little bit of an open loop with telling people about new content 🙂

      I’ve seen people use screenshots to good effect. What I’ve seen them do is include a text caption written below…just in case someone has their images disabled.

  5. Like your info graphic.
    Good design.
    I question your choice of colors because I found the copy difficult to read.
    A split test might provide some interesting insights.


  6. Hey Steve,
    Great stuff, I have much to learn on this subject. I’m amazed at how many IM’s are good at building a list and then beating me over the head with offer after offer as you said. I can’t unsubscribe fast enough:)

    • Know the feeling 🙂 I unsubscribe from about 3 to 4 lists a week – The problem is I also can’t stop from subscribing to others. I give 2 or 3 emails to the list owner…if it doesn’t come through; it gets unsubscribed.

    • Frank – Definitely get on it! Email marketing has been the #1 source of revenue for my online business. So it’s important to get it up there and fill it with great content.

  7. Awesome infographic, Steve 😀

    I am still in the planning process for my new blog (And this will help a lot, especially when it comes to planning my list). I still have a lot to learn in email marketing (and these will definitely help me; and I am getting some ideas on making my list unique. My goal is to create a community – within the blog and the list :D).

    PS: Did you create the graphics? Anyways, it is awesome 😉

    • Sounds like a solid plan Jeevan. There are a lot of different things you can do with email marketing – Hopefully this infographic will give you some ideas.

      The graphics were created by my VA – Jonathan. I think he did an excellent job.

  8. “Email marketing is how I generate 80% of my income. So I’m proof that you can build a thriving Internet business – Just from list building.”
    This is the best passage from the article.
    Thank you for your hints. It helped me a lot and improved my mood 🙂 I will certainly use your advice.

  9. Yes, it kind of baffles me as well. It’s been the difference maker in my business.

    Anyway, the infographic took a lot of work – But it was my VA who did it. It was his first attempt at creating one…pretty impressed with what he did.

  10. Hi Steve, nice infographic. Thanks for sharing. I must admit to feeling a little disheartened though. I had no idea I had to send that many different types of email. Surely there must be some shortcuts? I’m going to be emailing for the rest of my life! I guess no one said blogging was going to be easy.

  11. Steve, I’d like to tank you for the free report, the information overload booklet and lots of value you’re bringing to the table. I have a similar background in that when I started off I had next to no experience in putting the Internet to work for me, but things have changed a lot in recent months. I’m ready to embrace e-mail marketing now, half a year in my IM ventures, and you seem to be there again with great resources and tips. Thanks!

  12. Enjoyed the infpgraphic, thanks for sharing. All the while I thought email marketing is a dying process but what can I say, it’s still effective. Will keep these tips in mind 🙂

  13. I like the graphical style shown there .
    Email marketing is perfectible if you do this right else i can also decline your performance ..

  14. Hi Steve,

    I like the infographic. It’s does an excellent job of succinctly explaining the different types of emails.

    I would love to see some additional information on how to write some (or all) of the various types of emails. You’ve always been a wealth of information here at your site!

    Have a great weekend!


  15. Thanks for helping me balance my email marketing. I was recently sending mostly sales emails to my subscriber list on Aweber and I realised that the response has drastically dropped. Someone even reported. I really value this information now as it will really help me to balance my email marketing

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