Want to Know How to Escape the “Rat Race?”

In the last two weeks, I’ve held a poll about the new design of this blog and one about how many times to post per week.  Once again, I need your help answering a question I’ve been pondering.  Let me explain…

When I go home in November I hope to focus on increasing my email subscribers.  To do this, I have to offer a lead magnet that people really want.  Right now I offer the report, 41 Hot Internet Marketing Niches.  I think this it’s a great eBook, but perhaps it doesn’t resonate with the people not interested in creating an online business.   So I’m thinking about creating another lead magnet.  Here’s my idea…

How to Escape “The Rat Race”

Sometimes I’m not the smartest guy.  I’ve been asked by at least 2 dozen readers (and fellow bloggers) to create some sort of step-by-step article about how I managed to escape the proverbial rat race.  It was only after the 20th person contacted me that I suddenly realized that perhaps this is something a lot of people would like to know!

What I’m thinking about is creating a basic blueprint on how to leave the “work world” and control your own destiny.  Mostly, the information will draw from my own personal experiences, but I also hope to reference some resources that helped me along the way.  Here’s some of what I’m thinking about covering:

  • Eradicating the 9 to 5 mentality
  • How to create an automated source of income
  • Turning your passion into a career
  • Making your dreams into a reality

There’s a lot to cover, but I think I can do a decent overview within a 10,000 to 15,000 word format.  However, before I begin I want to know if this is something people will actually want.  So in the below poll can you answer this simple question:

Which Free Report Should I Offer?

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Once again, I thank you for taking the time to read this post and vote.  Also feel free to comment below if you want to elaborate on your vote!

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15 thoughts on “Want to Know How to Escape the “Rat Race?””

  1. Hi Steve,

    I voted for the Rat Race idea, because those little varmints are too damn quick for me 😉

    With your plan of using personal experience and sharing a detailed breakdown of the aforementioned categories this ebook screams Lead Magnet. Stress takes its toll on everybody and the RR is a prime cause of stress; who wouldn’t want to check it out?

    Thanks for sharing your take and have a great weekend.


  2. Well, here we go again.. apparently, I want it all. =)

    Technology does a pretty bang up job of scaring me. I chucked my 1st mp3 player in the trash when I couldn’t figure out how to use the thing. It terrified me.. literally. The instructions were simple but filled with words I didn’t understand about computers, files, etc.

    I tend to do best learning anything in bite-sized portions. BUT, I was educated to study-read which means I do well with great unabridged tomes when I set my mind to learning the inner workings of something.

    Sooo.. how bout both the 41 Hot Internet Marketing Niches &&& How to Escape the Rate Race.

  3. Well, both is of course an option. I have found that having more than one posted on the site makes it seem like clutter. Regardless I will probably keep 41 IMN up offsite. (it does drive some people here)

    At this moment I am not sure I want all my ebooks cluttering things up. (I had one prior to 41 IMN that was more about lifestyle design that didn’t do so well)

    But maybe with site redesign coming well before I work on any ebook, maybe it can be a decent idea.

    Thanks for your input and have a super-spectacular weekend.

  4. Steve!!

    Haha I definitely voted for the Rat race ebook. I am desperately pondering a path to take to time and money freedom with my online business. It really seems though that the Air Force Academy is the only option.

    Please comment on this: I do not want to go to regular college because I would most likely have to get a job to pay for all my living expenses like food, clothing, rent, entertainment, business expenses, etc if I were to take the regular college route. So it would be a poor environment to work on my online business. ( I am assuming I get a scholarship so tuition will not be a factor but ROTC only gives $300 a month which will not work to cover it all and have left some left over to work with my business)

    On the other hand, the Academy provides a $946 a month stipend and provides for all the basic living neccessities( some is deducted from that money, but I will have at least $300 of my own money to spend a month instead of having to use it on living expenses). As time goes on that money goes to $400 and $500 etc of my own money. The downside here is the academy also is a very busy life but there is still time just little to work on my business.

    The Academy seems like the more attractive option because after I also have my guaranteed job for a foundation and living will be provided for like tax free housing, food allowances, free insurances and a bunch more stuff so it seems like the optimum environment to build a strong value giving online business.

    It is just that I will be working very hard during this time and I will have a pretty structured lifestyle that will not match the wake up and live my day how I want to for a long time. So it seems like the deferred lifestyle still of sticking it out to enjoy the fun later when lifestyle design is about enjoying life Now. I wish I knew of other options, hopefully you could tell me about them if they exist?

    • Not really, school is mega expensive these days. Obviously the Academy would help you greatly in anything you do in the Air Force, but like you said, expect to not have a lot of time to pursue anything else.

      A regular college life will afford you time to get a IM career going. But there are no guarantees early on you will make enough to make it viable.

      As you pointed out, both decisions have a strong upside and a strong downside. I am still enough of a traditionalist not to say “screw it, jump in head first and sink or swim” If there is a way to swing regular college financially that is what I would “personally” try for. But there is a lot to be said with doing the academy thing too.

      • I agree Steve. I don’t think you should be looking at College/Univerity solely on the basis of the job you’ll get at the end of it. Let’s face it, with the economy being like it is, there’s no guarantees there will be one.

        Look at it as a life changing experience and network like crazy, plus if you come up with the right product or service, your business, online or real, could start there.

  5. Hi Steve:

    Well there you go, you are working even in your vacation. This is the life of an Internet
    marketer. You spend time for your blog, you reply to all the comments and you plan how is next month going to shape up for you.

    Now do not take me wrong I am not saying it is not worth it. I say your own freedom to work, what to work with, how to work with and when to work with, is the best choice that an Internet marketer has over the rat race.

    Money needs focus and work any where and everywhere specially hard earned money.

    So, I have added my vote for today. Finally I am able to write a new post on my bog.

    You have a great week end there.

    Fran Aslam

    • Fran,

      Well it is only sort of a “vacation” It is hard to leave for 8 monts and consider it a real vacation. It is working while traveling. If it were just a week or two things might be very different (and empty) around here.

      The good thing is that with outsourcing, writing in advance and all of that I have had a couple chances to have little “mini” vacations where I really worked bare minimum daily for a few days in a row, here and there.

      YOU are right though, even on semi-autopilot things that make money still need focus, work and attention or they will atrophy and die off.

  6. Yeah Steve, definitely the rat race but can we also get a little follow up section about traveling the world and handling business 😛

    This should be awesome, really looking forward to what you have to say. I mean, go into hardcore details, action steps, etc etc. If you give something that can be replicated – I will gladly give you money regardless that it’s a free report 😛

  7. I agree with Murray, definitely escaping the rat race….

    I had a similar idea actually, and Murray is Guest Posting on exactly the same subject ‘escaping the rat race’ at the moment.

    I guess you need to consider that you will have two distinct audiences and maybe you should consider having more than one email list.

    • Oh, you make a good point. It probably would be good to have separate mailing list for that. It seems like I already have about 10 different ones, so one more shouldnt make a difference. Thanks for pointing that out. I hadn’t thought of that yet.

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