19 Ways Fiverr.com can Grow your Internet Business

19 Ways Fiverr.com can Grow your Internet BusinessMany people use Fiverr.com as a way to earn extra income.  But it’s also an excellent resource for finding low-cost ways to grow your Internet business. 

To see what I mean, watch this video:

Like I said in the video, Fiverr is a goldmine for discovering really low-priced services.  You can have people:

  • Design top quality graphics and logos
  • Create video testimonials for your product
  • Grow your Twitter/Faceboook/LinkedIn accounts
  • Receive professional advice
  • Get backlinks for your site

The list goes on and on.  I urge you to spend a little bit of time each week and check out Fiverr.  You’ll quickly find it’s one of the best sites for expanding your online business.

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27 thoughts on “19 Ways Fiverr.com can Grow your Internet Business”

    • Yeah they are pretty good services. Quality and results may vary, but if you are careful to buy only from people with solid ratings you should get your moneys worth more often than not.

  1. Fiverr’s really getting a lot of attention nowadays. I do have a profile and have earned some dollars but I haven’t been on the site since October. Time to go back! Btw, that’s a great video Steve!

    • Thanks Nica,

      Glad you liked it! Certainly it is worth checking out. I feel there is a lot of untapped potential there to someone (buyer or seller) that figures out how to utilize it well.

  2. I have a few things that I plan to outsource, so I will be checking out Fiverr. The video provides a nice inside look, thanks. Like Sean above, I was unaware of the amount of services offered there.

    I see you’ve gone into a more robust video production mode, a good thing for sure. I’m inspired. 🙂

    • Fiverr really is a good deal. Quite an interesting site, and very robust. There are quite a few things (many of them funny) that you would never think of wanting, but you see it advertised and it is like, “ooo I need that” sort of like candy in the checkout line. Not always good for you, but fun. But Fiverr also has vegetables! 😉

  3. Yooooo! Awesome that you’re doing more video now and you hit a perfect topic 😀

    Been using Fiverr a bit more lately to do article writing for my niche sites – saves me a TON of time and I get to avoid the pain of writing really stale articles.

    I’m still trying to figure out some efficient ways to monetize Fiverr – it’s about creating great systems which let you do work really, really quickly.

    • Yeah, I am still mulling, “perfect” systems for fiverr myslef. I see the potential on both sides, but I am still really only in play mode. I have even bought a few things I decided not to use (like a fat guy dancing to “Santa Baby” for Christmas, that I decided was just a little too offensive.)

      I have certainly been getting more and more into videos. They can be done a lot quicker than writing and may be even more effective. I have and will be making quite a few more than I put on here. I am trying to go for those small little “nichey” how-to’s and use them as lead in’s. Really making a splash in Video marketing (as I have said before) is one of my big goals for the year (and pretty much the first half of it)

  4. Great video! It’s only $5 but you don’t want to waste it. That’s why our BestOfFiverr blog was born. We’re entrepreneurs ourselves and we’ve bought hundreds of gigs for link-building, promotion, article writing, press releases and graphics work.

  5. Hi Steve:

    Great informative video about fiverr. It is a great offer that everyone wants to use to increase productivity. Your post have made it easier to find better ways for the use of this site. It is a pleasure for those who need work done and it is a pleasure for those who want to make a quick bucks . This mutual need and its benefits keep growing.

    Fran A

    • Thanks Fran,

      I agree, the pricing is almost perfect there. It is cheap enough to take a chance, but high enough that it can be decent money with volume. Perfoect both for buyer and seller.

    • I tried some of the, “I will tweet 3X to my 25,000 twitter list” type of stuff. I did not see significant results. But maybe with a targeted list there could be potential. Some backlink tasks maybe. I am a little ambivalent about most of the task directly related to “I will get you XXX amount of visitors” I have a personal feeling they are a little scammy, though not sure. If you check one out and get results let me know.

  6. Hey Steve,

    Fiverr is indeed a place where you can get some great jobs done for just $5, of course you have to search a little to find the really good ones.

    I have been using fiverr for a year now and I must say that I had some great results with it but I also had some disappointments (mainly people doing a poor job). But I guess you win some you lose some.

    • Alex,

      You have a lot more experience than I do using this program then. I do agree I have seen a few disappointments, but with the strong rating system hopefully those fall to the bottom and get rated down. I figure for only five bucks a few things are worth a shot

  7. Hey Steve,

    Great video and great write up there. I’ve always known that Fiverr has great potential to help with outsourcing and making some money there but I haven’t actually fully utilize its true potential yet. I tell my readers that if you somehow messed up with the big freelancing guys like elancer or freelancer, fiverr is the place to go and make a quick buck 🙂

    • Thanks Bryan,

      Yeah, I have gotten a few things from Fiverr, but I havent exploited it to its potential yet. It does seem cool and there certainly is potential though.

  8. Great info Scott!

    I’ve actually already spent some time today checking out different deals, and some of them have turned out to be really good. Thanks alot!

  9. Hi Steve,

    Your exactly right, this is by far the best site to outsource your needs for building website traffic, create video testimonials, or just grow your Twitter/Faceboook/LinkedIn accounts. I’ve been both a seller and a buyer and never had a negative experience. The need to do your research on the site to find trustworthy sellers, easily done by looking for sellers with many positive reviews.

    • Perhaps “professional” is stretching it. But depending upon the task you can potentially get some pretty high quality help.

      The secret is that anything that takes real “time” is highly unlikely to be quality. In other word for 5 buck a copywriter might look at a post title and zip off a “better title”. That is something that could be completed in about 2 minutes.

      However a 500 word article is almost gaurenteed to be unprofessional and sloppy.

  10. You’re right, if you can take a bit of time to have a proper look at the gig listings, there are some really top quality services in there. It can just take some hunting!

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