71 Web Copywriting “Hidden Gems” (or How to Create the ULTIMATE Copywriting Swipe File)

Website Copywriting Hidden GemsA successful Internet business starts with copywriting.

It’s the words you use that impact what people do on your website.

Simply put:

Great copywriting = Great response rates

Now, I won’t pretend to be a great copywriter.  I do work at improving on this skill.  So I’m always looking for excellent resources on this topic.

What’s interesting is the Internet is chock-full of copywriting resources.  Most of them are completely free!

Here is a list of 71 copywriting websites (and tools) you can use to improve the success of your Internet business…

(WARNING: There’s a lot of content on these websites; so you might want to bookmark this page for future reference.)

Copywriting Tools and Resources

1)      Headline Analyzer by Advanced Marketing Institute 

2)      The Readability Test Tool by David Simpson

3)      30+ Tools for the Amateur Writer by Sean P. Aune

General Copywriting Advice

4)      Andre Bell’s Killer 95 Point Copywriting Checklist by Andre Bell

5)      39-Point Copywriting Checklist [Opt-in] by Ryan Healy

6)      My 3 Hour Content Marketing Research Formula by Codrut Turcanu

7)      Jay Abraham School of Copywriting [Video] by Jay Abraham

8)      Halbert Newsletter Archives by Gary Halbert

9)      Why Johnny Can’t Sell by Paul Meyers

10)   The Bullet Archive by Gary Bencivenga

11)   60 Powerful Offers Proven to Make More Sales by Dean Rieck

12)   Make Your Words Sell by Ken Evoy

13)   30 Copywriting Blogs That are Actually Worth Reading by Dean Rieck

Online Sales Letters Copywriting

14)   Anatomy of a Sales Letter by CopyTactics.com

15)   How to Write Sales & Marketing Letters Online by Alexandria K. Brown

16)   17 Elements of a Successful Sales Letter by Eric Holmlund

17)   12-Step Foolproof Sales Letter Template by David Frey

18)   92 Hypnotic Sales Letter Templates by Larry Dotson and Joe Vitale

19)   Free Sales Letter Template by MarketingHub.info

How to Write Headlines

20)   The 100 Greatest Headlines Ever Written by Jay Abraham

21)   How to Write Magnetic Headlines  [11 part series] by Brian Clark

22)   The Sexy Art of Writing Headlines that Kill by Leo Babauta

23)   A Dirty Little Secret to Creating Winning Headlines by Dr. Bill O’Shea

24)   Cosmopolitan’s 10 Year Cover Gallery [Don’t laugh.  Cosmo is an incredible resource for headlines.]

25)   127 Winning Headlines [Opt-in] by Lawrence Bernstein

26)   Why Do Most Headlines Fail [Opt-in] by Sean D’Souza

27)   Top 10 Ideas for Testing your Headlines by Josh Hay

Key Copywriting Principles

28)   1565 Marketing Power Words and Phrases to Boost Your Sales by Sean Donahoe

29)   58 Online Copywriting Power Words & Phrases by Mequoda.com

30)   186 Power Words for Selling by Karl Stepp

31)   The 12 Most POWERFUL WORDS to use in Marketing by Katie Freiling

32)   Attention-Getting Words and Phrases for Hot Selling Copy by MyInstantSwipeFile.com

33)   Copywriter’s Swipe File – Openers by Jason Hart

34)   30 Sales Letter Openers by Dean Rieck

35)   The Power of Connectors in Copywriting by Sean D’Souza

36)   10 Tips for Writing Better Bullet Points by Stuart Stirling

37)   5 Tips for Writing Bullet Points that Sell by Dave Navarro

38)   How to Close your Sales Letter by Russell Burnham

39)   P.S. Statements in Your Copywriting by Arthur Van Dam

40)   P.S.: Don’t Forget to Include This in Your Copy by Michel Fortin

Copywriting for Affiliate Marketers

41)   Writing Product Reviews by Matt Carter

42)   How to Write a Product Endorsement by Rosalind Gardner

43)   How to Write a Product Review and Why I Often Get More Affiliate Sales than My Competitors by Codrut Turcanu

Squeeze Page Copywriting

44)   13 of the Best Squeeze Page Examples on the Internet by Codrut Turcanu

45)   How to Create a Squeeze Page by Eric Holmlund

46)   Squeeze Page Optimisation by Glen Allsopp

47)   7 Steps to a Successful Squeeze Page by Stephen Dean

Email Marketing Copywriting

48)   Free Cosmo Headlines by Troy D. White

49)   Email Copywriting Basics by Mequoda.com

50)   Email Subject Lines: 15 Rules to Write them Right by Lyris.com

51)   Introduction to Email Copywriting by Chris Garrett

52)   8 Steps to Better Email Copywriting by Jay Chambers

53)   Writing Effective Email Subject Lines by Chris Garrett

54)   The 24-Point Email Marketing “Cheat Sheet” [Opt-in] by Ben Settle

55)   100 Spam Trigger Words that Can Kill Your Email Copy by Dean Rieck

56)   How to Improve Your Email Open Rates by Michel Fortin

57)   8 Ways to Increase your Click Rates by mailermailer.com

Blog Post Copywriting

58)   Why Some People Almost Write Great Post Titles by Brian Clark

59)   Digg Headlines [Search for your keyword and get blog title ideas]

60)   How to Get Blog Readers to Love your Bio Box by James Pruitt

61)   5 Simply Ways to Open Your Blog Post with a Bang by Brian Clark

62)   How to Attract Links and Increase Web Traffic by Brian Clark

Twitter Traffic Generation Copywriting

63)   How to Write the Perfect Tweet by Shea Bennett

64)   The Art of Writing Great Twitter Headlines by Brian Clark

65)   How to Create Headlines that Get Retweeted by Tim Ferriss

66)   How I Got 253 Twitter ReTweets on 5 Posts by John Paul Aguiar

67)   15 Twitter Headlines that Pull Twitter Traffic by Derek Halpern

68)   How to Write PPC Ad Copy [4 Ad Templates] by Tom Demers

69)   10 Tips for Writing Successful PPC Ads Part 1 & Part 2 by Faith Szafranski

70)   The Ultimate List of PPC Ad Testing Resources by Alex Cohen

71)   How to Write an Author Resource Bio Box that Increases Clickthroughs by 300% [Video] by Top Internet Consulting

Have any you would add?  Comment below to let me know…

Take Action. Get Results.

47 thoughts on “71 Web Copywriting “Hidden Gems” (or How to Create the ULTIMATE Copywriting Swipe File)”

  1. Hi Steve,

    Seems like after those ebooks series, you have come out another great resource and this time is all about copywriting. What’s next? So much content to consume, definitely got to bookmark this post for reference. Thanks for compiling and sharing.

    • Thanks Lye,

      Not sure what’s next ;). We shall see… This is all certainly something that no one would want to consume in a sitting, but many of these posts give invaluable advice and they are all chocked full of good tips. You can’t help but improving at copywriting after reading these.

  2. This post may be a contender for the ‘ultimate list of copywriting resources on the Net’! It forms the basis for what could be considered a ‘learn at home’ crash course in copywriting. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

    • Joel,

      Yup, these posts have everything from stuff that can help the rankest beginner to the seasoned copywriting expert. Most of us can use some help with copywriting. There is always room to improve.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting,


    • Thanks Host.co.in (did your mother give you that name? lol)

      Glad you liked it.

      This blog has keywordluv BTW, you can do realname@keywords and still get your keywords to show. I just like addressing people by their given names.


  3. Thanks for the great list of info. I have many of these in my swipe file but some new ones here as well. Everyone needs basic copywriting skills no matter what you are doing online. You have such a short amount of time to grab someones attention and without a great title you may not get to the people that need to read what you have to say.

    • Absolutely Sarah!

      One of the most important parts of good copywriting is getting your message out quickly in a fashion that also attracts the audience. It is part art, part long practiced skill.

      These articles are not going to magically transform anyone into the perfect copywriter, but they give the building blocks for consistent daily improvement.

  4. Steve – thank you for taking the time to put this collection of copywriting resources together. It truly is one of the most important aspects of online marketing and you simply can’t do enough to improve in this area.

    Although it’s talked about, I haven’t really come across a list of resources dedicated to copywriting before. This is definitely getting bookmarked!

    • Mel, I agree!

      At least I know for sure that to spite some improvements in copywriting i have a long way to go. I imagine this is true for most of us. It is an essential skill and one only built through deliberate practice.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting

  5. Hi Steve,
    what a wonderful list of links about copywriting. I will for sure start checking it out in detail. I always try to improve my copywriting and because I love writing I love reading about it.
    So thanks for the list!!!

    • Glad you liked it Monja!

      Copywriting is essential. Many people care nothing about copywriting, but then they wonder why their articles do not attract people and why they are not getting the response their efforts may deserve.

      Of course it leads back to their lack of caring about copywriting. Anyone who wants to succeed online NEEDS to improve their copywriting. It doesn’t matter if they are the rankest amateur or a seasoned veteran. You can always get better.

  6. Hi Steve

    As always heaps of valuable information here to take away and digest. Thanks so much for sharing. I am especially interested in the copywriting for affiliate marketers.

    Will soon be choosing which affiliate products I want to endorse on my new site. Very on topic for me 🙂

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Patricia,

      Nice to see you again! It has been a few months. I am looking forward to checking out your new site. Do you have a url yet?

      Anyway glad this helps, a little bit of copywriting can always do us all a bit of good!

      • I do but haven’t quite finished it yet. Hope to do a post over on lavenderuses soon saying why I am using a different biz model now. It has been awhile but as the saying goes … slow and steady wins the race 🙂

        Brankica has been helping me with setup and any queries I have which has been so generous of her. I love the writing and research aspects, but so slow with the techie and other aspects!

        Patricia Perth Australia

  7. No question about it.You are the BEST, you always adding value to the online community.thank you STEVE.


  8. Wow, a huge list Steve 🙂

    To me, copy writing is always a wild beast to tame. Sometimes I know how to write, but more than often, I forget even the basics! Thanks again for sharing this knowledge man. All the best!


    • Duy,

      I feel you!. I can write. I am getting better at copywriting. But there is still a lot to learn/refresh. Copywriting is a particular skill and it is much more than just “writing” it is writing to draw the reader in…. A very particular beast….

      I think even “experts” can use the occasional refresher

  9. You are the king of way cool lists. I love all the sites and the stuff by Joe Vitale. Thanks for thinking about us and sharing the info.

  10. Hey, Steve! Do you really focus on only one niche? I was under the impression that diversification is good, in order to mitigate risk….

    • Erica,

      Interesting question. Without a doubt in my mind diversification is essential. However niche are topics of “study”. To really be a thought leader in a niche you need to know what you are talking about and have time and volume so that others know this too.

      While I am fine for “ultimately” expanding niches (this is my 2nd in 5 + years) I think it tales time to really become and authority.

      What you need is to diversify what you do within the niche. Videos, podcasts, web 2.0 etc.etc. never rely on just one traffic source or you are asking for trouble.

      now for “micro niches” this could go either way. If all you are selling is baby swings, sure you can go the “mass” niche route in case one site ever gets the hammer it doesn’t hurt your whole portfolio.

      Personally I would prefer to be an expert in “helping new parents” and then recommending the best baby swings, diapers, formula, parenting books etc etc. It takes more time to build authority, but once you get it, it can be great.

      Both are viable means of marketing. I just tend to prefer the latter.

  11. Copywriting is the key when it comes to sales. I am a copywriter but needed to sharpen my skills for a new job that required me to write a killer sales copy. I believe all the above toold would be helpful to me.

    • For sure! Being a copywriter, I am sure your skills are sharp. But there is always more to learn…even if all it does is bring what you “know” back up and refresh it.

  12. Ah, more great tips from Mr. Scott.

    I use to use the Headline Analyzer some time back. Thought that was one really cool find.

    I’ve also reference some of the headline posts you have shared with us. Copyblogger also has some great tips on writing headlines too. Have used a lot of those techniques.

    As for the rest, wow… I’m going to have my work cut out for me consuming all of this. Really appreciate the time you take to put into these kinds of posts Steve. I know everyone else appreciates it as well.

    Thanks SO much!


    • Adrienne,

      I actually have quite a few links to Brian Clark (of copyblogger) here for that exact reason. Copyblogger is one of the best sites I have seen at using titles. Just looking through a list of their last 400 articles is a lesson on how to do it right.

      This is something I am constantly working on. I really think copywriting is an area where about 99.5% of people in the blogosphere could use some improvement.

      Hopefully there are a lot of nuggets here people will appreciate and use.

  13. Hey Steve

    Cool list – quite coincidental as I’m just finishing a three month copywriting course with Sean D’Souza (who you have linked a couple of times on the list).

    Some resources I’d add:

    How To Write A Sales Letter That Works by Sean Platt (recent book, based on Ogilvy’s work in the main, can get it on Kindle for $10 or so).

    Breakthrough Advertizing. Will set you back $100 or so. Am still trying to extract the gold that’s hidden in this book….but if you’re serious about Copywriting this is one of the books you should study.

    Video Copywriting and Video Salesletters: this is a DO NOT CONSULT list. Any video salesletter course that tells you to read out the text of your powerpoint should be avoided at all costs!


  14. Hey Steve,

    Thanks for this comprehensive list of copywriting resources.

    I remembered quite some time ago I come across sales copy by T.J. Rohleder, that are still in the direct mail era and I can definitely relate those direct mail copy to the sales copy we have seen nowadays on the web.

    Those that works in the direct mail still works like charm in the sales copy nowadays.

    Copywriting is definitely one of the essential skill in marketing.


    • For sure. Copywriting is useful for many things. As new technology develops new ways of utilizing it will develop too. But I am sure the first copywriter came not long after Gutenburg created the printing press.

  15. Wow! Lots of great resources to learn from here! I will definitely check these lists out later. Copywriting is definitely one of the most important skills in internet marketing. It’s such a powerful attraction marketing skill and a powerful closure as well. Thanks for sharing this! Great resources here! Keep it up! 😀

  16. Not sure how I missed this list post, but it’s an epic one. Bookmarked, shared and all that – thanks for raising the bar online, and I don’t say that lightly. Much obliged, you deserve the clout.

    • Thanks James,

      Glad you liked it. This isn’t a days reading for sure (not even a months) But there are some great resources here that will helpfully really help give a boost to peoples copywriting skills be they experts or amatuers.

  17. Bookmarked! Going to take a while to get through the list. Great linkbait as well for your site. Never hurts to practice continous improvement on your skills.

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