What Do YOU Want to Learn?

It happens to the best of us.  For the last few days, I’ve struggled with coming up with article ideas for this site.  While I have a notebook full of ideas, nothing seems to stand out.  I want to create content that people respond to, but I’ve reached a stumbling block.

So once again, I’m asking for your help.  In return, you’ll get something back.  Let me explain…

Do You Have Any Post Ideas?

I’ve seen this done on a few blogs.  Instead of brainstorming all the content for this site, I’m asking YOU to help me come up with a few ideas of what to create.

In the comment box below, I ask that you give me a specific idea for a blog post.  For every idea that I use, I’ll include a direct link back to your website in the article that you suggest.  This means you get to learn about a specific subject while getting a little “link love” back to any site that you designate.

A Few Starting Points…

To give you an idea of what I can create, here are some categories where I feel like I have some expertise.  Take a look at these topics and see if there’s a specific question that you want me to answer:

Internet Marketing–   Affiliate marketing, information products, generating web traffic, email marketing, lead magnets, how to monetize a website.

Life Planning– Finding your passion, making money from your hobbies, going from a 9 to 5 job to a home based business, how to get started.

Success Strategies– Setting goals, productivity, time management, to-do lists, how to focus on work.

Travel- Save money on travel, where to go, travel hacks, packing, vagabonding.

Personal Growth- Developing habits, building quality relationships, social dynamics, feeling fulfilled in life, growing as a conscious human being.

There is No Right or Wrong Answer

I just gave a number of basic themes that I write about on this site.  Hopefully one of these sparked an idea that you might have for an article.  I do want to say that there is no right or wrong answer here.

Feel free to comment with anything that you would like to read…

Take Action. Get Results.

16 thoughts on “What Do YOU Want to Learn?”

  1. Hi Steve,

    What do you know about moving your blog from one server to another? I would like to know how to do that as it’s something that I’m going to have to do in the near future.

    What do I need to do before I move my blog from the same hosting company’s server to another one of their servers without totally losing my blog and it’s contents and have everything work afterwards?

    Or, if you don’t know that one, how about a post about how I can deal with a job that I have to go to daily, all the while, knowing that it will be several months before I can leave it to do something that I really want to do? How do you make it bearable while you are dying to get out?

    .-= Karen´s last blog ..50 More Inspirational Quotes =-.

    • Thanks for the input Karen…

      For the first article, unfortunately that’s a little bit beyond my expertise. I would suggest you post something on Elance and have a qualified person handle this process. I think it’s a simple matter of creating a backup file of WordPress then, uploading to your new web hosting company.

      For the other article idea, I have a couple of great suggestions. Will try to create it this week and I’ll be sure send you some link love!

      • Hi Steve,

        Yeah, it’s not that simple. I’m pretty technical, but there are specific steps, configuration settings and things you need to know from your hosting company besides just creating a backup and then importing into the new installation. Especially when the versions are different. And, you want to make sure everything works. I’ll figure it out (eventually).

        .-= Karen´s last blog ..Two Inspirational Videos – Failure and Imagination =-.

        • This is the method that I have used to move wordpress websites between my development server and web hosts. Avoids problems with different version compatibility issues as it moves everything as-is:

          Moving word press from one server to another

          Using PHPMyAdmin(provided by almost all web hosts) export the entire contents of your blogs database. Make sure that you check the ‘save as file’ option.

          Using an FTP program, download the entire contents of the server.

          After downloading the contents of the server, open the file wp-config.php in a text editor. Edit the lines DB_NAME, DB_USER, DB_PASSWORD and DB_HOST to match the MySQL user details provided by your new web host.

          Upload the newly edited files to the new hosting provider.

          Open PHPMyAdmin on the new web host and import the SQL file dumped earlier.

          If you open the new hosts domain in your browser, you should be able to get to the back end (wp-admin). Log in with your usual details then go to the general settings page, change the wordpress url to match your new dommain (assuming you changed domain, leave this as is if you transferred your old domain)

          Everything should now work as usual.

  2. @Karen; I would like to know this too! I just agreed help design a blog that needs to be moved, and I have no idea how to move from one hosting company to an other.

    @steve; I have a few things I would love to learn (who wouldn’t?):
    – How to promote a new self-development blog (there are so many of them, right?)
    – How to sort those thoughts in the beginning of a new blog process (I have big plans of starting a new blog that would be monetizeable, but I have so many thoughts, I don’t know where to begin).
    – Tips for travelling in India (If you’ve been there)
    – How to start working out (from scratch, I have never been to a gym)
    – How to make a blog business plan
    – How to develop lasting and rewarding relationships with other bloggers
    – How to make a study (or work) plan
    – How to find motivation for work during summer or travel
    – How to become a travel writer (I think this might be my passion, but I’m still trying to figure this out)

    Puh. I should make a list of everything I want to learn. There’s so much power in learning! 🙂
    Let me kow if you use any of these, or else I might figure out some of this stuff and do a couple of posts myself! 😉
    .-= Marthe´s last blog ..Inspirational links =-.

    • Marthe-

      WOW…this is a great list. I’m actually taking a few of these ideas and incorporating them into a series of how-to’s for a blog. Specifically, when I talk about a business plan, I’ll be sure to reference your site.

      Unfortunately, don’t know anything about traveling to India. But if you have the time (or inclination), feel free to submit a guest post about the things you’re doing to prepare for this trip.

      Anyway, you’ve given me a lot of great suggestions…these will keep me busy for awhile 🙂

  3. Hmm. Good question. I think everything you mentioned is really needed actually 🙂

    But here’s a couple that are pretty unique and rarely touched. How about…

    1. How to find lucrative affiliate programs you love and care about to promote. (addressing figuring out finding what you believe in promoting, is it trustworthy and worth the time investment)

    2. How to figure out if you have enough in you to even do something online with your passions.

    I’ve run into a few people who flat out say “I really don’t think I’m passionate about anything,” which isn’t blameworthy but relevant.

    Some people can be passionate about something but don’t necessarily have the passion or enough in them to create online products surrounding their material.

    An expert poker player may rather just enjoy playing poker with friends but not have enough energy and time in creating informational products teaching others how to become experts you know.

  4. @Karen one point to note, ask the host you’re transferring to if they will handle the transfer for you, as many will. Failing that, they should give you detailed instructions, but the instructions from Hessiess should work out fine. If not, I can help you with it if you get stuck.

    Steve, I’d love to read more articles about the specifics af your affilite sites, going back to how you personally chose programs to promote, the methods you use to generate traffic and content that convert, and also the mistakes you made along the way.
    .-= Gail´s last blog ..Investing in Junk Coins by Keith Hamburger =-.

  5. Steve,
    I am into your whole program. I would like to know if there is a way to organize the current contents into classes around a specific topic for one – sneeze posts if you will that help guide through the material.
    I like the how to’s and specifics but I am particularly interested in how you change your thinking along the way – the aha moments that let you move forward when you were stuck. To me the difficulty is that I think about things as I believe them to be which blocks me from seeing different realities and possibilities. You have crashed through a number of those barriers and any help you can give about what made it possible for you to see a different world and move into it is what I am looking for.

    • Ralph,

      Really good questions and points here. I definitely will create something like this in the next week. Right now, I’m experimenting with setting a up a publishing schedule 2-3 weeks out from each article. So I’ll definitely put this one in the queue and creating something really good that answers all these questions…thanks!

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