What is Your “Exotic Sandy Beach”?

I made this quick video while lying on the beach in Villasimius, Sardinia.  It would have probably been more appropriate if it was a nice, sunny day.  But I’m sure you’ll get the point.

Please watch the video and make a quick comment below:

Also, here’s a bit of inspiration.  I also shot a short clip of the water coming on a group of rocks nearby:

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15 thoughts on “What is Your “Exotic Sandy Beach”?”

  1. Well I’ve finally caught you up.
    I’m not a great fan of travel, although there are a few places I’d like to visit at some point, and I’d like to retire to Devon or Cornwall in the UK in the future. For me, though, the reason I’m working on building an online passive income is just because I am plain unemployable. I’ve not worked for anyone else since I was pensioned off from the Prison service in 1999 at the grand old age of 27, and everything I have done since then has been in a self employed capacity.
    If I hadn’t been such a scatterbrain and changed tactics and professions so many times, I’d probably be on a fair whack by now, but I’m also not that money oriented, I’d rather learn a new skill and stay interested that keep doing something where the passion has gone.
    Hopefully this time I’ll learn to build sustainable ‘passive’ incomes rather than focusing on active ones that fizzle out, and learn to do everything in my own name instead of building someone else’s business and then walking away from it, lol.
    If not, at least I’ll have fun along the way. 😉
    .-= Gail´s last blog ..Investing in Junk Coins by Keith Hamburger =-.

    • Yeah, the sustainable stuff is definitely the trick. It sounds almost like you actually enjoy the process of building a business, which in itself can be very rewarding. That type of attitude definitely helps get you through the rough patches.

  2. hey Steve,

    thanks for follow on Twitter – you ARE one all around cool guy! Never expected to find you on a beach (smile) in Sardinia.

    Divertiti! (Italian for “enjoy yourself”)

    Hope you’ll add some of your wisdom on our site as well!

    Greetings from Joisey,


    • Haha…thanks man. It’s good to hear from another Jersey guy. I used to go to college up in Montclair. But it’s been some time since I’ve gotten up that way.

  3. Good point, Steve. I think you’re absolutely right that not everyone wants the same thing.

    I remember when my wife and I went to Jamaica. I wanted to spend the day doing activities (tours, parasailing, wind surfing, dancing, etc), while she was content to sit on the beach all day. Nothing wrong with that, but it bored me out of my mind.

    However, that being said, I’d be happy right now to just have a day or two somewhere like a nice beach to just unwind and recharge.

    Hope you’re enjoying yourself.
    .-= Joe´s last blog ..How To Keep Your Creative Spark Alive =-.

    • Joe…I definitely get like that. It’s hard for me to sit around and do nothing. So if I’m at a beach, I’d much rather go do something fun!

      Anyway, thanks for the comment!

  4. The beach is ok for me but not to sit on. I am great with the idea of working from a perch overlooking the ocean. I also like the idea of visiting museums with my wife, going fishing with my sons (I don’t care for fishing but they do) and having a family compound where we all gather. Wouldn’t hurt if it was overlooking the water and had a boat slip.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..Finishing Strong – A Manifesto and Call to Action =-.

  5. While I’m a very big fan of sandy beaches & sprawling on them.. I’d say my whole concept of the “exotic sandy beach” dream is to be a successful writer & teach workshops hither & yon. That would fulfill my desire to connect w people on a metaphysical level & provide endless opportunities to run & play in new places. Ya, play.. that’s what I wanna do. =)

  6. Hi Steve:

    An stylish post today. Good presentation. As far as information products is concerned, It depends on how you deliver the best. Because giving what you know at its best , is the ultimate goal here. People who want to listen will adopt to any.

    But I guess it is also honorable to care what people want. Blogs are better for me , easy to reach at the time you want. If you want you may deliver the whole blog in a video format too.

    I am ready to welcome back to you at home land.


    Fran A

  7. This is cool.

    My exotic beach is the whole wide world opened up for me to explore every nook and cranny. One end is San Diego, sun dappling the sand, the other is Antarctica with the same sun glinting on the ice.

    Part of it is under the ocean dark, swimming next to a whale, another is skydiving in Australlia and ziplining in Costa Rica. Own an apartment in New York, watch a Broadway Play, and buy Season 3 of Keeping up with the Kardashians so I can head to New Jersey and hangout with my friend Steve as we watch our favorite tv show… 🙂

    Great post man.

    I agree with you. Beaches are boring.

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