When Viruses Attack!

Okay, I’m really frustrated right now…The problem is a bunch of my readers are getting the following warning when they try to access this site:

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I’m at my wits end.  I don’t know if my site has been hacked.  Or why it’s displaying this warning.  What I do know is I’ve uninstalled/reinstalled all my plugins.  That hasn’t fixed this problem.  Plus I’ve tried every trick that I know but nothing’s worked.

So I’m hoping someone out there is a little more tech-savvy.

Do you know how I can fix this?

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5 thoughts on “When Viruses Attack!”

  1. Steve, I am first sorry to hear this and second, not sure but I think that can happen when someone reports the site for distributing malware.

    I believe there are some options in Google Wembaster tools you can go through and see what is it showing.

    Do you have any files available for download that are .exe or .zip… Sorry for not being more helpful but I am just trying to give you more ideas.

  2. Hey mate!

    A few questions: How many people have seen it? Have you personally seen it? Which browsers were used? Specifically, which pages on your site are they telling you that they’re trying to get to when they see the warning? Are the people who say they’ve seen it, still seeing it?

    I don’t see it in either Google Chrome or Firefox on Linux. I manually went to the site mentioned in the warning and got a malware warning from Chrome. So the warning these people are seeing is legit. Though because I don’t see the warning when I visit your site I would doubt that your site contains links to the malware site.

    But, best to be safe than sorry, so what you need to do is thoroughly search all of your site for mentions of that malware site.

    To put your mind at ease, you don’t have a virus and you aren’t distributing malware. What this warning is saying is that there is a link to another site that is suspected of doing so.

    I’m happy to help more if you need it, mate, hit me up on Twitter for some better real-time contact details if you like.

    Good luck and good hunting.

  3. That’s a pretty strange error message. I saw it coming directly from the RSS feed in Chrome, but not in Opera or Safari.

    I wonder if it’s just a comment that slipped through, or a pingback maybe? If it’s just starting to happen, then it must have been some kind of change in the past few days. Maybe contact WordPress? I did a quick scan of their forums (http://wordpress.org/search/hacked?forums=1) and most suggestions point to a clean install of WordPress, and contacting your hosting provider.

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