Why I Love Hemorrhoids

Okay, you’re probably a little curious about this title. I mean, who in their right mind would say they love hemorrhoids.

Although I’ve never had them myself, I can imagine it’s a pretty painful experience. In fact, I’m sure it’s a pain in the ass. (Sorry I couldn’t resist.)

Well the reason I’m really excited about hemorrhoids is because they’ve led to the first dollar I’ve earned on this blog. It seems like someone from my blog went through an affiliate link and purchased something “Hemorrhoids No More.”

So… I’ve now earned exactly one dollar from this blog. Woo-Hoo!

Why Hemorrhoids???

How did I end up earning money from a hemorrhoid product?

Well that’s where it gets weird. Although I’ve recommend a few books on Amazon, I’ve never actually talked about hemorrhoids. My guess is someone clicked on one of my recommendations and suddenly realized they had a burning, itching sensation that had to be immediately fixed.

Don’t believe me? Here’s a screenshot that shows the official first sale of the Steve Scott Site:

(I can’t emphasize how much I wanted to put a picture of a big ole butt right here. But I decided to go with the mature route.)

What Do I Care?

Okay maybe I’m a little odd for being excited about a one dollar sale. Especially since I earn a decent income from my affiliate marketing business. But this sale reminds me of something important…

I’ve had a number of online businesses. Some were failures. Some have been really successful. But no matter what’s happened with each business, I’ve always been a little nervous before making that first sale.

It’s a strange thing to work really hard and see zero results from your efforts. But something changes when you realize that there’s a living, breathing person who reads what you write, then pulls out his (or her) wallet afterwards.

So even though my entire customer database consists of one person with an inflamed anus, it’s exciting to know someone’s out there responding to my little blog.

The First Sale is Always the Hardest

Well, I’m pretty impressed if you got to this point. Most mature and sensible people would have already left this site in disgust. And if you’re still reading this post, then I’m not sure if I should congratulate or apologize to you.

Anyway, there’s an important lesson here that I want to emphasize…

When you run an online business, the first sale is always the hardest. It’s pretty discouraging to work without seeing any results. However once you earn that first dollar (literally), the rest is pretty easy.

Okay so maybe I’m simplifying things, but it’s been my experience that you hold your breath and patiently wait to see if anyone is going to respond to what you’re offering the world.

So maybe you’re reading this and feeling a little frustrated about your online business. Perhaps you still haven’t made anything from your site. Or maybe you’ve earned a few bucks, but want to take things to the next level. If either sounds like you, then remember this…

Keep pushing. Just worry about making that next sale. Don’t worry if your site is going to be a success. Assume that you’ll get there eventually and act accordingly.

Have faith that the Internet is full of abundance and there are millions of people waiting to hear what you have to say. Perhaps all you need to do is create a product that fixes hemorrhoids. 🙂

Take Action. Get Results.

16 thoughts on “Why I Love Hemorrhoids”

  1. hawww heee haw… Steve thanks for sharing this… You made my day… I thought hemorroids now what in the freakin hey is he talkin about. makes sense.. Hope others find it as valuable as I did. Your a Hoot!

  2. Thanks man. Didn’t know if anyone’s going to react to this one. Now I know I at least know I made somebody laugh. Anyway, liked the post you just created…just commented on it.

  3. Hehe, I almost ran screaming but I’m glad I decided to stick it out. Was far more amusing than I thought it’d be 😉

    Anyway congratulations on your first sale with this blog! Still to make mine, in the nervous stage, but I’ll get there.

  4. I want to be offended, but I just can’t quite get there. Fantastic headline. It definitely grabs your attention. And it even leads into an interesting article. Just perfect.

  5. Definitely got my attention, and was a great lead into the main point. Though it might have been more fun if you had someway to make the screen shot rotate into a bum pic or even one of a jack ass (yes, I can be a little twisted and LOVE a good joke). I am not looking forward to being on the “waiting for that first sale” ride…one step at a time though. Must get products made.

  6. I often get sales for items I do not promote. When people click trough to Amazon they are usually in buying mode. If they either don’t like the product you promoted (read all the reviews) and buy a similar article or they buy additional stuff to get the free shipping.
    I once sold a vacuum cleaner although most of my sites were in an educational niche at that time. This inspired me to diversify.

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