Why Lifestyle Design Starts at Home

Well, I’ve been back home for over a week now.  And as I discussed before, I’m starting a new life here on the Jersey Shore.  What’s interesting if I’ve had a number of people ask if I missed traveling.  Specifically they want to know why I chose to stay here, when I could live anywhere in the world.

I feel these comments are related to the concept of lifestyle design.  A lot of folks think you’re not a “true” lifestyle designer unless you’re traveling the world, doing crazy-ass things.  This is completely untrue.  To me, lifestyle design simply comes down to doing the things you want to do on your terms.

Let me explain…

What Lifestyle Design Means to Me

You can create a perfect life without traveling to an exotic location.  While visiting a foreign country is a lot of fun, many people view this activity as a form of escapism.  Their lives aren’t going well, so they think the only way to make a change is to visit a different place.  The truth is wherever you go, there you are.  If something isn’t right in your life, it won’t change if you go somewhere else.

I definitely had a blast experiencing many different countries and cultures.  But traveling the world probably isn’t the only thing that makes me happy.  What does make me excited is the idea that you can create the perfect life while remaining in the same place.  For instance, you could easily:

  • Be a loving influence to the members of your family
  • Make friends with the type of people who inspire you
  • Live in an environment that’s an inspirational place to live and work
  • Spend time on the hobbies you enjoy
  • Develop skills/habits you’ve always wanted to have
  • Work on an online business that earns a nice side income

All of these things are possible to do right now.  You don’t need to go somewhere to design your perfect life.  It starts by knowing what you want and spending time each day moving towards it.

What is Steve Doing?

I’ve never really been into the whole idea of the law of attraction.  However, one of the perfect scenarios I imagined when coming home was to find a nice apartment near the ocean.  And yesterday, I signed a lease on a great apartment, that’s across the street from the beach.

My point is I’ve spent a good amount of time picturing a perfect life here in New Jersey.  This new apartment is but a single step towards getting the most out of life.  I didn’t travel halfway around the world to get it.  Instead, I’m able to do it while living in the same area where I was born.

Ultimately lifestyle design is about mapping out your perfect existence and doing everything you can to achieve it.  You don’t need to jet around the world to get started.  Instead it starts with a decision to make a change – Right now!

Finally, I’d like to end this post with lyrics from a song I listened to while traveling for the last seven months (actually it just popped up on my iPod shuffle.) I think this song does a good job of matching the theme of what I just discussed:

“For a moment I lose myself, wrapped up in the pleasures of the world.

Journey here, and there, and back again.

But in the same haunts, I still find my friends.”

–          Smashing Pumpkins – Thirty-Three

Take Action. Get Results.

26 thoughts on “Why Lifestyle Design Starts at Home”

  1. Thanks for going into this Steve; a lot of people that do bring up lifestyle design do convey that the majority of it revolves around traveling the world but there are those things that you mention which can be taken care of at home.

    The core, at all of it, is the ability to change yourself by having those great influential things and people around you.

    I’ve been blocking out a lot of negative influence in my life which has a direct impact on my overall mood. I feel that I’m able to get more done because the people around me are cheering me on instead of questioning my direction. It’s all about that mindset.

    • Murray,

      Great points. It is essential that you surround yourself with positive people to remain positive. People do not need to, “understand” what you do or even have similar, “likes” but it is important that you find nurturing people who support and encourage you.

      No man is an island after all, and if you are surrounded by negativity and “bad vibes” they will get to you over time. You can guarantee it!.

      So yes, I totally agree that it IS all about mindset.

  2. Hey Steve, I love the idea of lifestyle design. Congrats on finding a great place on the ocean! That sounds awesome! So, now that you’ve started with your home, what’s next for you in your design? I am sad to say I thought the whole lifestyle design thing would be a snap once I started making money online. Or maybe the sad thing is that I thought making money on line would be a snap. I am looking forward to the day I can design my life a little more freely. Thanks for the reminders on how great that can be. It is a huge motivator!

    • Thanks,

      I have lived in the town it is in before and it is a great location. Definitely something I am looking froward to. Now I just have to actually move.

      Everything worthwhile takes some effort. Whether lifestyle design, fitness or making money online. If it were EASY everyone would be doing it, right?

  3. “if I ever go looking for my heart’s desire again, I won’t look any further than my own back yard. Because if it isn’t there, I never really lost it to begin with!”

    –Dorthy Gale, The Wizard of Oz

    There’s no place like home!

  4. Hi Steve,

    I totally agree with you. Where ever we go, there we are. If I am not happy and content in my skin at home, I don’t believe I will be happy and content when I’ away from home. For me home is where I truly let down my hair and it is definitely where my heart is. 😉

    Sounds like a great apartment with a wonderful view! Congratulations!

    Enjoyed the lyrical quote!

    Take care,


  5. This is exactly my interpretation of lifestyle design as well. For some reason when people hear that term, visions of beaches and world travel come to mind.

    While I love to travel and enjoy life, I have to agree with Dorothy, who said it best…
    “there’s no place like home”.

    • I think the term “lifestyle design” has definitely been sold around the idea of exotic locations and idea of working at your laptop on a beach in papua new guinea.

      Those are the ideas that are entrancing to people, even if 75% would likely never really do it even if they had the opportunity.

      It CAN be all of that. But I think it is more about freedom. If you want the freedom to travel, it is there. If you want the freedom to work at home, it is there.

      In the end it should be about making YOU more YOU.

  6. Hi Steve:

    I enjoyed every word of your blog post, written with deep insight. “Doing things you want to do on your terms” is what life is all about. You are right about where ever you go life would not change a bit. Unless you change it to where you want to go. “perfect existence”
    does not come from material things, it does not come with a big group of friends, it comes when you have what you really want from inside you.

    Steve your next book should be on personal development.

    fran A

  7. I love Smashing Pumpkins. I saw them in concert 3 years ago and it was freaking sweet.

    Oh, right. Lifestyle design. Yeah, I think a lot of people have a funny idea in their heads about what “lifestyle design” means. The phrase has been whored out so much that it has lost all of its real meaning (not that I’m some guru or purist who can decree what it means and what it doesn’t…). I think this post was a great return to its true roots, so to speak.

    Thanks for another great post, buddy!

    • I agree, the term has lost a lot of meaning and has come to relate to designing a specific type of lifestyle. One that I am not against but one that I think is limiting.

  8. Steve, nice! Didn’t really visit NJ while I was on the east coast but if I have a day off, perhaps we can meet half-way and have a chat.

    Lifestyle design doesn’t have to be about traveling the world–I think it has a different meaning for every person. I want a healthier lifestyle, better relationships and love Southern CA so far. For other people, it’s living close to their friends or parents.

    Do what makes you happy 😉

    • In a way I think you hit it on the head. It is all about doing the thing that make it possible to live where and how you want. If that is in someones small hometown, a big city or a desert island 1/2 way around the world it doesn’t matter

  9. Hi Steve

    Brilliant explanation of what a lifestyle design is really all about. I know what you mean by taking ourselves with us wherever we go.

    Many years ago I went 12,000 miles from home to the UK. Still had to take me there and get myself into a good place. Took awhile and now I am back home again. All of life’s experiences add to the journey and I believe it is not until we have peace within ourselves that we can embrace a fulfilling lifestyle.

    I so enjoy your posts and this one is no exception. Thanks Steve and hope your new home move goes well for you.

    Patricia Perth Australia

    • Patricia,

      it was very cool that you were able to go and live in the UK for a while and then return to Aus. I do think that that type of adventure gives a much broader view of the world. Thanks for a great comment.

  10. Steve,

    Congratulations on finding the “right” apartment for you.

    Lifestyle design… Well, for me it is more about being happy and finding constant inner peace. As for home, well, they say home is were the heart is. So if you are designing your life around the things and people you love, I think that’s what matters the most.


  11. To me, lifestyle design is all about freedom. Freedoom to choose how you wish to spend your time.

    Even Tim Ferriss talks about there’s nothing wrong with working 40 hours a week if that’s what you choose to do. But being a wage slave means you loose your freedom.

    The other point is that for many people spending time with family and friends is as rewarding as travelling, if not more so.

    Good luck in your new home.

  12. Hey Steve,

    Welcome home and congratulations on your new ‘ocean front’ apartment. I think that many people (myself included) find it easy to fantasize about just packing up and taking off, especially when things aren’t going wonderfully in your life. But, no matter where you go, you bring one thing with you – yourself. Running away hardly ever solved the problem. It’s the easy route and if you are young and carefree, can be an attractive option. But, with time, comes wisdom. And with that wisdom you realize that you take your ‘home’ with you no matter where you are in the world.

    I also agree with Matthew that many people hate to travel, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t want their freedom.

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