Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card

Today I want to announce the first contest I’ve ever held on the Steve Scott Site.  The winner of this contest will receive a $100 Amazon Gift Card.

Here are the details…

Need Information Product Ideas

Yesterday marked the beginning of my 6th month of blogging.  This is a very special milestone for me.  Why?  Because I promised myself that I wouldn’t try to monetize this site until I reached the sixth month.  (I feel that it’s more important to provide value upfront before asking people to spend money.)

Now that we’ve reached the sixth month mark, I’m looking for different ways I can generate an income.  And one of these ideas is to offer an information product.

The problem?

I’m not really sure what type of information people really want.  While I have a few ideas, I want to make sure I’m not missing anything.  That’s why I’ve decided to offer an Amazon Gift Card to the person who can give me the best idea for an information product.

To get started, please read the following…

Rules of the “Amazon Gift Card Contest”

Rule #1- Submit a comment below: To enter this contest all you have to do is submit a comment below.  Here you want to provide as much detail as possible.  For instance, a comment that says “make a product about affiliate marketing” probably won’t win.  But, if you write something like “how to profit from affiliate programs with your blog without being a sleazebag” might be an idea I would consider.

Now with that said, there are two niches I’m not going to cover.  The first is affiliate marketing because there’s no way I can compete with what’s already been written.  The other is blogging success principles because I feel like this is something I haven’t achieved as of yet.

Rule #2- Make your response detailed: Obviously, you’ll increase your chances if you put a lot of time into your submission.  What I’m looking for is a list of problems that need to be solved with this information product.  As example, when you’re writing your response, ask yourself the following questions:

  • “What frustrates me about this subject?”
  • “What problems do I encounter on a regular basis?”
  • “What keeps me up at night with anxiety?”
  • “What do I really want to achieve when it comes to this subject?”

Like I said, the more details you give, the better your chances.

Also, I want to mention that you can have multiple submissions.  So if you have a bunch of good ideas, feel free to list them all!

Rule #3- I own the rights to the content on this page: By submitting a comment, you’re giving me permission to make it into an information product.  You won’t receive any special compensation or bonus besides the gift card I’m offering to the winner.

Rule #4-I’ll pick the winner: There isn’t any fancy committee who chooses the winner.  The contest ends when I’ll be in Venice, Italy. That day, I’ll walk over to an Internet café, scroll through all the submissions, choose the winner and then send an electronic gift card to the author of the best idea.

Now I’ll give you a hint about what I consider to be a “great idea.”  Basically I’m looking for something that I can tie into the concept of lifestyle design and personal success.  This product should solve a major problem that a lot of people are experiencing.  (I’ve given you a few starting points below)

Rule #5-The Deadline: The contest ends June 15th, 2010 at 11:59 PM Eastern Standard Time.  Anything submitted after that won’t be considered.

A Few Starting Points…

I would consider myself to be an expert (or have passion) in a number of niches.  Here are some categories you can consider to get those creative juices flowing…

Internet Marketing–   Information products, generating web traffic, email marketing, lead magnets, how to monetize a website.

Life Planning– Finding your passion, making money from your hobbies, going from a 9 to 5 job to a home based business, how to get started.

Success Strategies– Setting goals, productivity, time management, to-do lists, how to focus on work.

Travel- Save money on travel, where to go, travel hacks, packing, vagabonding.

Personal Growth- Developing habits, building quality relationships, social dynamics, feeling fulfilled in life, growing as a conscious human being.

Start Right Now!

Don’t wait to submit your comment.  If you have a great idea, list it below and you’ll be officially entered.  The clock is officially ticking…you have less than two weeks to win that Amazon gift card.

Take Action. Get Results.

15 thoughts on “Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card”

  1. Ben- I really like this idea and it’s similar to a few topics I’ve thought of. The only problem I see is finding a way to not appear like another “4 Hour Workweek” clone. Any ideas?

  2. I like how you are use crowd sourcing, great idea!

    As for the idea, some problems that i see is finidng motivation to get stuff done. This is why some people never try things they really love because the road is long and hard, and if they do try they fail because they didn’t push hard enough.

    So i would think that motivation, goal setting, and personal growth in combination would be a real good product. In life you never stop learning and growing and to use your experiences and knowledge and to share that to others is real value.

    People want to learn how to live easier and better, but sometimes they need help finding the way. Because once they are in their comfort zone sometimes it is hard to get out of. So people just read blogs and never act on the info. they just read. This could be different.

    I would focus on techniques and methods to help improve people’s lifestyles and habits that will help them become the person they want to be.

    • Great points listed here. It’s kind of funny…My Dad and I were talking about creating a similar product here. About how to take the basic “how to” knowledge and turn it into a real, working productivity plan that you can use to take action in your life.

      • Yup. People already know what to do but for the most part they never take action. So by having steps or a certain method, people willl see it is more applicable then once thought and come out of their comfort zone.
        .-= Sheel Patel´s last blog ..Halfway through… =-.

  3. One of the things I noticed no one talks about are the “pre” steps people need to take to get started. So they say find a niche, but have no walk through on this.

    Most people probably don’t know how to find a good niche that is in demand or know how to do market research to see if what they’re thinking of creating is worth pursuing.

    A great product would be just figuring how to do online research to find out what the market wants or needs.
    .-= Omar´s last blog ..How to build an audience for your art =-.

  4. Steve,
    I guess what would me most helpful for me is what were the things that you had the hardest time overcoming. Was it a mindset? Was it information? Was it a vision? And when you finally discovered it, what did it take to get beyond it. Maybe another way to put is is what did you discover about yourself and your aspirations that you were completely blind to.
    .-= Ralph´s last blog ..How to keep your health in balance as you age. =-.

  5. I think one of the major problems facing most would-be internet entrepreneurs is sifting through the digital fog and actually creating their own blueprint that they can follow. An information product that provided time management and organizational skills to do this (a bit like taming the paper tiger, but focused on information overload – maybe taming the digital dragon?) would probably be a big hit, and you obviously have the skills in place. In fact a lot of your existing posts would be useable with little tweaking to include in this product.
    .-= Gail´s last blog ..Investing in Junk Coins by Keith Hamburger =-.

    • Ding Ding! This is the winner. I really like this idea and will be focusing on creating on something like this. Sent you an email confirming your contact details… Also, I’ll submit a post declaring you as the winner!

      • Cool, I’ll be looking forward to it. If you need any guinea pigs for testing purposes, you know where to find me 😉
        .-= Gail´s last blog ..The Five P’s: Planning & Preparation Prevents Poor Performance =-.

  6. What I would like to see is a special desktop application for people w/ spelling, punctuation, phrases, etc. issues. Where they could to a spell check w/out having to look in a book or do a Google search. Have it an all in one application: Spelling, punctuation, thesaurus, foreign words and phrases, etc.

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