I Want YOU for the Zombie Apocalypse (or How to Win a Free Niche Site)

[Update:  The contest is closed and I’ve chosen the winner.

Congratulations to Dan of Walnut Marketing.  He has the 22nd entry in this contest and that’s the number that came up when I used the number generator in Random.org

Here’s the proof:

Zombie Niche Site Contest Results

As a reminder; I assigned points based on the following criteria:

  • 1 point for a Twitter share
  • 1 point for a Google + share
  • 1 point for a Facebook share
  • 3 points for a blog post share

Sorry to all who entered and didn’t win.  I have lots of sites in my collection; so I’ll definitely hold another contest in the near future. Stay tuned for more details.]

How to Survive a Zombie ApocalypseNow that I’ve decided to stop building niche sites, I have dozens of domains collecting “space dust.”

I’m completely focused on Steve Scott Site.   So I’m no longer interested in developing or building small niche sites.

That’s why I’ve decided to do a giveaway for one of  these web properties.

Here are the details…

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]How to Survive a Zombie Apocalypse[/title]

Building niche sites can get pretty boring.  So a few months back, I thought it would be neat to create content around one of my favorite topics…Zombies.

The idea was simple.  I’d create a site talking about the ‘zombie apocalypse’ in a funny, “fake news” manner.  I could have also tied in some content relating to current events related to zombies.

I even registered a pretty sweet domain name: http://www.howtosurviveazombieapocalypse.net/

This niche site can easily be monetized through the Google Adsense model.  It has a lot of  exact keyword traffic, low competition, and a decent CPC (cost-per-click):

Zombie Apocalypse Keyword ResearchNotice how the domain name gets 9,900 exact searches per month.  That means it has the potential to get a lot of quick traffic from Google.

Unfortunately, I got sidetracked with other projects and never had the chance to start this site. But my loss will be your gain.  Starting today, I’m raffling it off to one lucky reader :-).  Here is what you’ll get…

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]What You Will Win[/title]

The winner will receive:

  • A free domain transfer of the website: http://www.howtosurviveazombieapocalypse.net/
  • 1 unique keyword-rich article (1000 words)
  • 5 unique keyword-rich articles (@700 words)
  • My personal recommendations for how to monetize this website

The articles are full of funny, zombie-related content.  They’re written by a freelancer I’ve used on a number of occasions.  So you’ll be getting great content to start your new site.

All you have to do is set up a Word Press blog and you’ll have a great beginning to a pretty unique authority/niche site.

[title color=”green-vibrant” align=”scmgccenter” font=”verdana” style=”normal” size=”scmgc-2em”]How to Enter the Contest[/title]

The contest is pretty straight-forward.  All you have to do is share this post on one (or all) of these three social media sites:

  • Twitter
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus

You get one “entry” for each social media share.  So you’ll get three entries if you do all three.  Or one entry if you share it on one of these sites.

You have till 11:59 PM (Eastern Standard Time) on Friday June 8th 2012 to provide your entry.  After the deadline closes, I will pick one submission using Random.org in the order of the comments on this post.

To “officially” enter the contest you need to share this post on a social media site(s) and then post the link in the comment section below.

You can find this information under the time stamp for the share.   Here’s how this looks in Twitter, Facebook, and Google Plus.

Just leave the link in the comment section and you’ll be officially entered.

Good luck!

Update: I’ve had a few people write blog posts about this contest.  So I’ve decided to provide an incentive for that as well.  Link to this article in a blog post and you’ll get credit for three entries.  Just provide the link in the comments section and you’ll be automatically entered. 

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29 thoughts on “I Want YOU for the Zombie Apocalypse (or How to Win a Free Niche Site)”

  1. Hi Steve, don’t enter me into the contest because I’ve walked away from niche sites for the same reason as you. I just wanted to say, “nice job,” on turning it into a contest. It’s one of those ‘I should have done that’ moments.

    I also wanted to metion that just because many of us are walking away from niche sites, that doesn’t mean there is no value in the prize. Great domains and niche sites are always going to have great value, they just can’t be worked the way we were working them.

  2. wait… are you saying zombies aren’t real? didn’t you hear about that guy in Florida… Zombies are coming… and when they do the internet is not going to help you….

  3. Hey Steve, I tweeted the post, but it looks like my original comment and link got caught by your spam filter, so I won’t link in this comment….but I’d love a shot at your zombie domain!

  4. My husband got so excited when I mentioned this, I knew I had to try for it. I’ve already got a TON of ideas rolling around on what I could do here, and I hope I get to have that chance.

    Just curious, are we supposed to post each link separately, or together? (I’m assuming either one is all right – I don’t figure you’d let anyone lose out because they only posted once, vs. three times.)

    Thanks for this opportunity! 🙂




    Blog Post:

    • Yeah, once would be fine… but I do appreciate the links! 🙂 Glad it sounds like something you and your husband would really get behind. I do like the idea of the site really being used and enjoyed. Good luck!

  5. Hi Steve,

    I just wanted to say great idea. I don’t want entering in the competition, thanks, but I’m sharing because I like you and have recieved tonnes of value from your articles.

    Cheers, Matthew

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