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Today I’d like to hold another poll.  As always, I appreciate the feedback you’re giving me because it helps to  improve the quality of the “Steve Scott Site.”

In a few weeks, I’m going to complete my course on how to make money with an eBook.  I like the idea of creating a regular course that provides a lot of value to the reader.  But right now I’m stuck with trying to decide what to cover next.  Here are the top three ideas:

#1- Email Marketing Revealed–   This course will give a step-by-step plan of how to make money with autoresponders and emails.  I’m planning on breaking down the messages I sent to my prospects and detail how to use email marketing to build a solid, profitable online business.

#2- Ways to Make Money on the Internet– In this series, I plan on detailing about a bunch of techniques people use to make money with an online business.  Hopefully this will give you some ideas you can use to create a passive income stream.

#3- How to Increase Your Blog Traffic– Lately, I’ve been working with my brother on how to increase traffic to this blog.  Between the two of us, we’re creating a bunch of blueprints that’s helped this site break into the top 1% of all websites.  This course would cover a bunch of techniques that we’re using to skyrocket our web traffic.

So what should I create?  In the poll below, cast your vote and feel free to leave a comment:

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23 thoughts on “YOU Pick My Next Weekly Series”

  1. I like the email marketing idea Steve, although each topic is helpful. Making money with autoresponders and emails is an area I’d like to learn more about and it seems to be a highly specialized subject which helps you to better target a niche.

    Thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!


    • I go through some of it in the last couple info products (series) posts if you want a “prequel”. But that might be a pretty neat subject. It is one I know a lot about. I have been using them for years and I think doing so quite efficiently. Thanks for the vote.

  2. Thanks for taking the time to ask what information we would find useful. I can’t wait untlthe series begins.

    To Your Massive Success

  3. Hi Steve:

    It is hard to say which one, as I am not sure what works to get my goals fastest. My interest is in List building. Without a good list it is hard to do anything. My current list very small and those are all interested in writing only.

    I added my vote. Thank you for asking the opinions of your blog post readers.

    Have a fun week end.

    Fran aslam

    • Fran,

      First Off I hope you have a wonderful weekend too! Thanks for your vote! You can’t go wrong trying to list build. It takes time but the rewards are worth it when you have a nice list. My basic suggestion, that I am sure you already know, is to get that lead magnet out there for the group you want to target and just work it.

      A lot of the increase blog traffic one will really be “increase traffic” It could be just as easy to use that info for a niche site to drive extra traffic.

  4. Interesting poll, Steve. I think this is a great way to know what your readers want. I personally would like to see a course on E-mail marketing.

  5. Email email email.

    I’m going to admit it, this is more for my own personal gain because I just launched an ebook for one of my blogs but I haven’t yet setup the emails haha.

    However, I’m sure there are many other bloggers out there that have a nice set of subscribers but don’t really do much email marketing – would be AMAZING to hear what you have to say Steve 🙂

    • Looks like it is a pretty tight race for now. Email has a shot.

      For free lead magnet type products having the email list before isn’t essential. They are often ways to raise your email list.

      But for ebooks that sell. It is quite important. Money from selling your products aside, a bunch of initial sales (to your email list) give you a gravity. When people are looking for things to become affiliates for that is one thing that weighs heavily on them.

      Of course a lot more on that to come…. maybe

  6. Hi Steve,

    This was a tough choice my friend, but I have voted 🙂 I really like and appreciate your work a lot Steve and I enjoy those courses.

    • Thanks Michael,

      That is the one I voted on myself, as it sort of dovetails with some other things I am doing. Though Email marketing has some definite use to people who are releasing products and I also have good bit of experience there.

  7. I think I’ll take Email Marketing for 20 thanks Dan.

    Great idea here mate!
    Gee I wonder why only 1 person voted for no. 3. Ambiguous much? LOL

  8. I’m sure I could always improve my blog traffic, but I’m having some success with that already. Email marketing is talked about much less than the other 2 topics, so that’s what I’d like. I have one list but I’d like to do more with it.

  9. I was trying to find out if I could vote multiple times so I could vote for email marketing. That’s one area I definitely need to get a better grip of. Moreveover, growing the email list and the autoresponder series.

    Any help definitely appreciated Steve!

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