3 Quick Announcements…

Real quick today.  I have three announcements…

#1- Last Week for the Info Income Class

This is officially the last warning that the Info Income Class will be closing.  This time next week, I’ll be pulling the entire course off this site, adding 50% more content, and turning it into my first paid information product.  So you have one week to use this free material before it’s gone forever.

Like I said before, I used an information product to fund my seven month journey through Europe.  In a way, it’s one of the secrets to “escaping from the rat race.”  If this sounds like something you want to achieve, then I recommend going through the lessons in this class.

#2- Still Haven’t Picked a Winner

Speaking of “rat races,” the contest for the $50 Amazon Gift Card is still going on.  I need a great name for my free report on this subject.  So far, we’ve had a bunch of quality entries.  But I’ve been way too busy in the last week to sit down and pick a winner.  That means there’s enough time to submit an entry or two.

#3-I Need YOUR Feedback

Finally, I need YOUR help with something.  As I start to piece together my eBook on creating information products, I want to make sure it’s going to be something special.  In fact, it’s my goal to make this the best course that’s available on the subject.  To do this, I want to cover every problem that people experience with information products.

In the comment box below, could you answer ONE simple question:

“What is my biggest challenge/obstacle when it comes to creating a profitable information product?”

Answering this question will help me a whole lot.  So please take a few minutes and let me know your thoughts…

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23 thoughts on “3 Quick Announcements…”

  1. “What is my biggest challenge/obstacle when it comes to creating a profitable information product?” For me, actually creating the product is the easy part. It’s getting traffic to the page or otherwise getting people to know about the product.

  2. Hi Steve,

    Thanks for the updates.

    I second Tristan. I can churn out content like a madman but generating targeted traffic is a challenge, at least for my products or ebooks.


  3. Hey Steve,
    The biggest obstacle in my opinion is to convince people that your product is not just an other rehash of content and that it contains something that will genuinely help them.
    Targeted traffic = affiliate programs 😀

    I hope your e-book will be a real success!

    • Yes I definitely agree. That is certainly part of the reason I put off having ANY sort of ebook until I reached a decent amount of traffic here. From my experience hopefully there will be a few here that may be interesting in it, and possibly even interesting in being affiliates. (I hope the content is good enough to generate that interest)

      I know from experience in other niches, that starting out strong with a nice high gravity will bring in many more affiliates and that makes all the difference.

  4. Personally I agree with Tristan, my question would be how do I go about selling it (including getting traffic to a sales page) but the questions I am most often asked about ebooks are

    1. What format should they be in to stop people copying them.

    2. What software should I use to create them.

    A lot of people worry that their work will just be emailed from person to person and only one person will pay, and other people worry that people will pass off their content as their own.

    Hope that’s useful.

    • I definitely will include all the aspects of making an information product “pop” MOre information on how to set up good affiliate programs, affiates pages and sales pages will definitely be a part of it.

      As for #2 well, I will research it. I am not sure their is an answer to this. My thinking is that once you reach a certain level of success, “thousands copies sold” some “stealing” is bound to happen.

      On the brightside that means it has been doing well, and likely it has been worth it for your time.

      On the bad side, if it happens enough maybe it slows sales down A LOT.

      BUT… chance are the people that grab it for free would never have bought it.

      The real concern is the 2nd part of that…people outright stealing the content and using it fr their own. Copyscape can catch the webside part of that, but it could be hard to tell of it is in an ebook. I guess it would come down to someone buying both books and letting you know…then pursuing it legally.

      I will look into it some more. likely I can come up with a better answer than that given time.

      Thanks for the ideas.

  5. Hi Steve:

    Just three simple questions to answer today. I never thought of downloading your
    escaping the rat race, because now I know you and I can take your help whenever I need.
    But now since you insist, I will save it to read. Thanks for the offer.

    I was getting ready to see your eBook but you are delaying it, so I will have to wait.

    # 3 This is hard to say, because I have had products and I gave up at the traffic of my sites, twice, but since I have learned to create content writing, and SEO, I am hopeful that even Google paid ads will work for me, because I know the use of keywords and see monthly searches. Product selection is easy. I do select from the topics that I have studied and experienced before. And I am not creating my own products also. I rather use other people’s products that creates the same kind of money.

    But I am a knowledge seeker, I want to learn everything but I specialize in the one I like.

    Thanks for caring about other people’s opinion


  6. For me, I don’t think it’s so much the difficulty of creating a great product as it’s basically creating a unique selling point against so many others – how do you build that authority when you launch in a new area (besides the obvious like “start a blog”).

    I think, in some ways, I’m not taken entirely serious because of my age despite being very on the edge of new content – how would I really make it stand out and get rid of those barriers?

    • Well, I am not sure that your age is as much of a factor as you think. At least not for anyone with any sense. Most of the cutting edge stuff over the past20 years has been created by people your age or younger.

      If you were trying to push it in a law firm or a big business there might be a sense of not “paying your dues”. Anyhting online, tech or social media related I think might swing the other way. Anyone over 40 might be considered too OLD to really “get it”

      Seems to me it is just a matter of getting the huge network of contact pre launch

  7. Well i did create my ebook that suits to my niche.

    Time to publish it, but still thinking whether it is for free or someone has to pay..

    • Personally I would decide base on two things.

      1. the quality of your content. I assume it is good. But if it is REALLY good you should think about pay

      2. If it passes 1. the next call is all about how many people you know that might be willing to help you market it. If you can get a few affiliate marketers to sign on from the beginning, that should help get you gravity up and that will attract even more people to market it…then you have a real product that should go a little viral.

  8. The biggest challenge for me when creating an information product is figuring out whether people will actually buy it or not. When I create a product, it’s gonna be unique and something u can’t find elsewhere, so there’s no product to compare it to. I guess how to do market research?

  9. Hi Steve
    I look forward to when your ebook comes out. Haven’t been visiting here for very long but you definitely produce quality posts. A lot of sites churn out same old, same old stuff! For me I can do the networking and traffic even in my small niche is going up heaps each week but it’s getting the time to write the ebook! I would like advice on what consitutes an ebook worth paying for. Difference between “free” information and what customers are
    willing to pay for. Thanks Steve.

  10. What? No winner yet? I thought I gave you a great entry 🙂
    Just kidding – I see you have been very busy Steve!
    As to the biggest challenge, I don’t know from personal experience but I really think it would be GETTING STARTED. Once you do something you believe in and know is of value, you can market it, sell it or let it sell itself. And the other thing is that some people are very talented and skilled but don’t know how to come up with that great product! So hooking into an idea that really appeals to them!!! Hope this helps?

  11. What is my biggest challenge/obstacle when it comes to creating a profitable information product?

    If I remember right, that question was in your first post on that series. Well, my biggest challenge is to make the time to come up with my first draft. That’s just a layman’s way of saying that I have not prioritize my time to get that task done, or rather that there are so many other things that are taking higher priority, that it will take a while to get my book going.

    Given my situation, I think getting the book started is the biggest challenge. It’s like they say, a journey of a thousand miles (lines) begins with the first step (word?). I think I’ll just be the tortoise and get there someday (soon) 🙂


  12. Hi Steve,

    I would really like answers to the questions that everyone else is asking and also, how do I know what price to sell my ebook for?

    I think that the price is really important so if you have any guidelines around choosing a selling price; I’d really appreciate it.

  13. Thanks all, I appreciate all the ideas! I will do my best to make sure I answer all these to the best of my ability in the ebook. I appreciate all your input and contributions!

  14. I’m glad that I have saved all of the info in your income class session into Evernote lol

    “What is my biggest challenge/obstacle when it comes to creating a profitable information product?”

    The biggest challenge is making it stand out, getting good reviews on it, building high conversion site, getting it sold through sale channel and promoting it through peer network. These are all the obstacles I imagine myself will have to handle if I publish my own product.

    You have to select the right person to review your product and offer him a JV chance. Building high conversion site is really a pain in a butt but I know there’re some services which can help me with that. There are also many sale channel to sell the product, like forums, Clickbank etc. However, deciding which will be the effective one is hard. What do you think, Steve?

    I have a idea for the title “From Playing to Doing: How To Turn Your Passion Into Realistic Income Stream” or maybe “How To Retire At 40: Realistic Passive Income Strategies To Turn Your Hobby Into Business” or “Tired of Running the Rat races? Escaping and Finishing Rich With Steve Scott” lol 🙂

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