How Do We Find Replacement Rapport (Online)?

Replacement Rapport OnlineIn today’s post, Alan is going away from the standard authority post.  Instead, he asks a lot of questions that are related to networking and interacting with other online entrepreneurs. 

I think this is an important read because you CAN’T run an Internet business without building relationships.  So read through Alan’s article and leave your thoughts in the comments section below…

If you’ll permit me I will not be writing a very ‘authoritative’ post here, rather I’d like to explore something with you – the idea of rapport.

Well, not so much rapport, more the lack of it – or at least the question of whether it’s there or not. Online.

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There Really are Advantages to Networking!

Business Networking Advantages

It doesn’t matter if you have a cookie-cutter nine-to-five job in the corporate world or run your own business, and it doesn’t matter if you have four friends or forty. There really are advantages to networking.

It was once considered a method to increase your client base, but business networking is actually much more than that. It’s also a great way to gather information, meet new people, and develop your own skills—among other things!

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