30DSHS- Make Three New Friends Each Day

It’s time for the 5th installment of the 30 Day Success Habits Series. (A monthly column where I discuss the habits that I’m trying to develop for the next 30 days)

For the month of May, I’m going to do something that will really push my comfort zone. It’s something that I’ve done in a past, but got out of the habit in the last few years.

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Work Anywhere By Being Location Independent

Growing up, I had an uncle who the whole family thought was a bit of a whack job.

Whenever they spoke about Uncle Rick, some of my relatives would roll their eyes and nod their heads in unison with sympathetic glances and sighs. “Oh, Uncle Rick is in the Everglades or Uncle Rick is mountain climbing in South America” were the typical responses that I heard when I asked if he would be joining us for Christmas.

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Escape Plan Update #2

I’m writing this post in a bar on South Beach, Miami; watching Manchester United play Munich in the UEFA Champions League. So I feel it’s only natural to give another update on my long term travel plans.

In the last few weeks, a lot has happened in regards to my trip. There’s not much time left and there are many things I have to get done.

Here are a few things that have happened…

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Eustress vs. Distress – Developing the Good Kind of Stress

Eustress vs. Distress

Eustress vs. DistressWhen it comes to stress, most people live in such a constant state of it, that they rarely acknowledge the pressure it puts on their lives or bodies.

However, place a ‘eu’ in front of the word stress and you suddenly have a powerful word that pushes you towards a better life.

Let’s begin with a definition… 

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Time to Nut Up or Shut Up

One of my new favorite quotes comes from the recent movie Zombieland. When about to kill a few zombies, the character Tallahassee says “It’s time to nut up or shut up.”

Right now I’m going to make the same proclamation. Rather than talk about lifestyle design, I’m going to take those first steps towards proving it can be done.

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How to Make Friends Even If You’re Scared of People

I’ve known a lot of people over the years.

At one point my childhood friends were my whole world. Then when I got to high school I hung out with people from the track team and the marching band (Don’t laugh.)

In college, I spent time with people that were in fraternity/sorority scene. And once I got into the “real world” I ended up forming friendships with whoever was around me.

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7 Steps For Breaking Through Your Comfort Zone

Are you letting fears and anxiety hold you back in life?

Unfortunately this is something that happens to most people. And if I’m really truthful with myself, it’s happened to me as well.

Like I mentioned in my personal goals for 2010, my goal for the upcoming year is to do a lot of traveling on my own. If I want to really make this experience enjoyable, I’m going to have to push the boundaries of my “comfort zone.”

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