YOU Pick My Next Weekly Series

Today I’d like to hold another poll.  As always, I appreciate the feedback you’re giving me because it helps to  improve the quality of the “Steve Scott Site.”

In a few weeks, I’m going to complete my course on how to make money with an eBook.  I like the idea of creating a regular course that provides a lot of value to the reader.  But right now I’m stuck with trying to decide what to cover next.  Here are the top three ideas:

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Want to Know How to Escape the “Rat Race?”

In the last two weeks, I’ve held a poll about the new design of this blog and one about how many times to post per week.  Once again, I need your help answering a question I’ve been pondering.  Let me explain…

When I go home in November I hope to focus on increasing my email subscribers.  To do this, I have to offer a lead magnet that people really want.  Right now I offer the report, 41 Hot Internet Marketing Niches.  I think this it’s a great eBook, but perhaps it doesn’t resonate with the people not interested in creating an online business.   So I’m thinking about creating another lead magnet.  Here’s my idea…

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