With you Bloggers the Force Will be- This Weeks Best Blog Posts -by Yoda, Jedi Master

Yoda and the Internet Lifestyle

My Saturday posts are a chance to have fun and also give back by providing some links to great content.  Sometimes I go off on some pretty strange and esoteric topics.  It is all about having fun, giving out some good information and sometimes trying something new.  I have been swamped with work recently, and I am starting to make some preparations for a short trip to Belize so I asked the wisest person I know help me with today’s post.

Yoda and the Internet Lifestyle
Do or Do Not! There is no try in the internet lifestyle


Blogger’s Using The Force this Week -by Yoda of Dagobah

Yoda is a Jedi-knight who is over 9000 years old, he is has been around a long long time and comes from a galaxy far far away.  He is a wise creature who has seen a lot and deals with technology on a daily basis. (see: Lightsabers) The reports of Yoda’s untimely death have been greatly exaggerated; nothing can keep the irrepressible little green guy down for long.  Without further ado, here is Yoda’s list of blog posts that use the Force, take it away Master Yoda:

Yoda speaks blogging:

“Thanks, Steve, glad to be here, am I.  One thing, clear up, I must, before into this week’s blog posts, I dig.  Midcholorians.  Herh herh herh.

The deal, here is!  Joke, it was.  Real pain-in-the butt, Mace Windu was, when a student he was.  The other Masters and I called him “Mace Windbag,” we did.  Tired of his preaching, we were, so we invented this crazy overly elaborate story about Midicholorians, we did.   Powering the force, we said.  Laugh at that foolishness, we did.  But then into the movies, that story went.  On us, the final joke was.

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