What Effort Looks Like

Here’s a quick warning…If for some reason we find ourselves in the same gym working out and you see me on a treadmill, don’t get on the one next to me. If you do, you’ll probably be covered in my sweat after about 10 minutes.

Yes, I know it’s disgusting. Seriously, I sweat like a maniac when exercising—especially when I’m running.

Don’t believe me? Well, here’s what I looked like today after a leisurely five mile run. If you look carefully, you’ll notice I only have one small dry part on my sweaty-ass shirt.

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Personal Growth Goals For 2010

Over a week ago I described my professional goals for 2010. In this post I discussed how I was going to spend the majority of the year focusing on “communications.” Specifically I want to improve my writing, speaking, and technology skills.

But goal setting isn’t just about professional growth. I also think it’s important to create challenges that’ll help me grow as a man. This is part of my ‘work hard, play hard’ mantra. So while I’m focusing on my communication skills, I also want to set aside time to work on my personal growth.

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