119 Free Internet Marketing Tools to Grow YOUR Online Business or Blog

Free Internet Marketing Tools and Blogging SoftwareAll Internet businesses require an investment of both time and money.

The good news is you can often find a great tool without having to spend a dime.

Don’t believe me?

Well, I’ve done a bit of research and located some amazing freebies.

In this post,you ‘ll discover 119 free Internet marketing tools to grow your Internet business or blog. <— (Re-Tweet to let people about these sites.)

Free Google Account Tools

Google makes it easy to run a business by offering a large selection of tools. Each of the following are completely free and they all come with a single “Big G” account:

1. Google Keyword External: The best free tool for doing keyword research.

2. Google Talk: Communicate and chat with people through your desktop. Can be synced with Gmail, iGoogle, and Orkut

3. Google Docs: Web-based software where you can share documents with other people and store “in the cloud.”

4. Google Analytics: Get detailed information about web traffic on your site or blog.

5. Google Website Optimizer: Run split-tests on your sales pages, opt-in pages, and product funnels.

6. Google Reader: Stay on top of your favorite websites through this RSS feed reader.

7. Google Plus: Promote your website and network with other entrepreneurs with Google’s answer to Facebook.

8. Google Trends: Learn what’s hot right now and see if a topic is increasing or decreasing in popularity.

9. Google Alerts: Receive topic-specific updates in your Inbox.

10. Google Voice: Get a Google approved phone number for your Internet business

11. Google Adwords Editor: Manage your Google Adword campaigns with this simple tool.

Free Web Traffic and Promotional Tools

Web traffic is the lifeblood of any site or blog. That’s why you need to work at promoting your Internet business on a daily basis. Fortunately these free tools help manage this process…

12. Tweet Deck: Manage all your social media activities with this single interface.

13. Market Me Suite: Gives additional functionality to your social media activities.

14. Cash Keywords Toolbar: Provides a quick way to research a niche and check its overall profitability.

15. Scroogle Scraper: Get actual results for the rankings of keyword. Isn’t affected by previous searches or “likes” within your social network.

16. Free Monitor for Google: Helps you track search engine rankings for multiple keywords on multiple websites.

17. DomainCrawler: Gives basic information about websites you’re researching.

18. Wordtracker Keyword Questions: Create content around the specific questions that people ask in your market.

19. Jumbo Keyword: Helps you edit and format lengthy Google Adwords keyword lists.

20. Domain Name Analyzer: Add a variety of potential domain names and check them all with a single click. Plus you can run a check based on a list of keywords.

21. SEO Quake: Great browser plugin that lets you research sites based on Google Page Rank, backlinks, domain age, and Yahoo/Bing backlinks.

22. Free Article Spinner: This spinning tool takes a little bit longer to learn than other premium programs. But it’s a great alternative if you’re budget conscious.

23. Social Monkee: Builds 25 free backlinks to your site on a daily basis. Uses a Firefox plugin to bookmark any page that you specify.

24. Social Marker: Submit your site to dozens of bookmarking sites. It works great if you don’t mind registering an account on a number of web properties.

25. CB Engine: Get detailed information about the top products being sold within the Clickbank marketplace.

26. JV Notify Pro 2.0: Find JV products and look for upcoming product launches.

27. PDF Power Brand 3.3: Create powerful viral eBooks that promote your information product.

28. Traffic Travis: Get detailed SEO information and use these tools to increase your rankings.

29. Comment Kahuna: Build quality backlinks with this tool. Very useful if done correctly, but has also been used by a lot of spammers. So understand the right way to create backlinks before trying it out.

30. Alexa Toolbar: Get traffic and link information about sites you’re researching.

31. SEO SpyGlass Backlink Checker: Checks the backlinks of your competition. There are premium versions available, but you can do a lot with the freebie edition.

32. Digsby: Combine email, instant messaging, and social media activities into one interface.

33. Amplify: Clip, share and post article snippets onto your favorite blog/social media platforms. (Another great tool for creating quick backlinks.)

34. Posterous: A tool that’s similar to the capabilities of Amplify.

35. Net Vibes: Manage and monitor all of your social media activities, plus get in-depth analytics about your marketing efforts.

36. Bit.Ly: Shorten and share links on your promotional campaigns.

37. IM Automator: Automatically create backlinks for your content with this tool.

38. One Way Text Link: Semi-automates the process of submitting your site to directories.

39. Only Wire: Publish your content with one click of a button on numerous social media and bookmarking sites.

40. Clicky: Get real-time analytics for your blog or website. Plus use this tool to track/split-test conversions from your traffic.

41. Inbox Q: Makes it easy to find specific questions being asked in your niche via Twitter.

Free Web Content Creation Tools

Any successful Internet business starts by offering top-notch content. So it’s important to create written, audio, and video content. The following make it easy to come create content that sets you apart from the competition…

42. DaFont: Browses and previews fonts installed on your computer.

43. GIMP: Graphics program that has a similar interface to Adobe Photoshop.

44. Sumo Paint: A web-based graphics program that makes it easy to create eye-catching images.

45. Pixie by Nattware: Click on a color and get the hex, RGB, HTML, CMYK and HSV values of that color.

46. Wink: Use this to make video tutorials on software and tools.

47. KompoZer : WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) HTML editor. Great for making simple web pages!

48. Clipta Video Converter: Turn any video file into MP4 format.

49. Audacity: Create and edit audio files with this easy-to-understand software.

50. CamStudio: Record your desktop and make videos with this free version of Camtasia.

51. FreeMind: Create mind maps with this tool.

52. MindMoto: Create stylish presentations from your Mind Maps.

53. Jing by TechSmith: Record screenshots and make simple five-minute videos.

54. Paint: Provides an intuitive interface for manipulating and editing photos.

55. XHeader: Easy to use software that creates header graphics. Perfect for a Word Press blog!

56. Color Cop: Very simple tool for picking a color from web pages.

57. ScreenShot Captor: Simple program that helps you take screen shots with ease.

58. Windows Movie Maker: Turn photos, audio tracks, and short videos into stylish movies.

59. Snippely: Organizes snippets and research notes you’ve done on a topic. This is great for writing content!

60. Favicon Generator: Create a small image that’s shown inside the brower’s location bar next to your website.

61. UnFREEz 2.1: Design an animated banner from multiple JPEG and/or GIF files.

62. Visual Thesaurus: Make a word tree of synonyms. Great for coming up with LSI keyword ideas and thinking of domain names related to a keyword phrase.

63. Animoto: Create stylish thirty-second videos from a few pictures. You need a premium account to make longer videos. But the basic version works great if you don’t have a lot of content.

64. Sketchcast: Create videos (with or without audio) where you sketch out a concept.

65. Skoffer: A browser-based screencast recorder lets you make video presentations from your desktop without requiring a download of software.

66. Weebly: Build (and host) a website with this free service. It’s great for anyone who doesn’t have much money to spend on an Internet business. Plus you can use it create solid backlinks to your site.

67. Tube Mogul: Submits your video to about a dozen video sharing sites. This tool is a great alternative to the over-priced Traffic Geyser product.

68. Media Join 2.0: Tool that combines audio and video files of any format – Works great for anyone who needs to combine different pieces of media content.

69. Famous Fonts: Provides a directory of fonts used in advertising for music, movies, products, and sports. Lots of recognizable fonts available for download here!

70. Free Foto: Contains over 100,000 photos you can use for your website and/or blog.

71. Copyright Free Photos: Another great source of free photos.

72. PD Photos: A resource of photographs that are part of “Public Domain.”

73. U.S. Government Photos and Images: Provides a mix of government public domain photos and images that are protected by a user license.

74. Empressr: Create (and store) simple slideshow presentations for your website.

75. Free Graphics Creator: Online graphics program that helps you design common graphics you’d use for a sales pages.

76. Cool Text: Create stylish graphics and logos without requiring a background in web design.

Internet Business Tools

Managing an Internet business can often be quite challenging. The good news is there are lots of tools and software that simplifies this process. Here are the best of the best…

77. Word Press: The platform for building a blog or content site.

78. AVG Antivirus: Protect your computer from Spyware, Malware, and other computer viruses

79. FileZilla: FTP program that takes files from your computer and uploads it to a website.

80. Adobe Reader: Everyone’s favorite program for reading PDF files.

81. Open Office: Open source word processor suite that’s compatible with most Microsoft programs. Plus you can use it to create PDF files.

82. 7-Zip: Use this unlock .zip, .rar and other compressed file formats.

83. Skype: Provides a topic rated tool for calling people, instant messaging, and networking with others.

84. Ccleaner: Clean your Windows PC, make your computer faster, and erase your search history.

85. You Convert It: Convert files into a variety of formats – Including PDFs.

86. Down for Everyone or Just Me – Is your website down? Do you think it’s happening to others? Use this tool to find out.

87. BrowserShots: Get multiple shots of your website on different browsers. Perfect tool for seeing how a site looks across a variety of platforms.

88. Bulk Rename – Great tool for renaming numerous files at the same time.

89. YSlow: This site analyzes web pages and gives suggestions on how to improve their performance

90. VLC Media Player: Plays pretty much every video format known to man.

91. LogMeIn Free : Access your desktop from any spot in the world.

92. DropBox: Store and share up to 2 GB of files.

93. OSTicket: Offers an open-source solution for website support tickets.

94. Open X : Though it’s a bit tricky to understand, this server helps you track click-through rates, impressions, and other advertising metrics.

95. Notepad ++: Excellent alternative for anyone who likes NotePad but wants to do more with it.

96. Avast! Solid software that protects your computer from viruses and spyware.

97. Xenu’s Link Sleuth: Checks for broken links on your website.

98. Join.me: Shares your desktop with up to 250 people at the same time. Great for giving presentations. (Great free alternative to GotoMyPc and WebEx.)

99. Fine Print: Condenses up to 8 pages into a single page which you can then print. This is a great way to create a swipe file for your favorite Internet marketing websites.

101. Outright: Organize your finances, spending, and general bookkeeping with this easy-to-use software package.

103. Wise Stamp: Add a stylish email signature to all of your messages.

104. Cute PDF: Create PDFs, plus print web pages directly into PDF format.

105. Last Pass: Manage your passwords and logins in a single, secure location.

106. ADrive: Provides up 50 GB of free storage that can be accessed from any spot in the world.

107. Media Fire: Share large video, audio, and multimedia files.

108. Xmarks: Sync your bookmarks from multiple computers.

Free Internet Productivity and Time Management Tools

A major drawback of an Internet business is nobody tells you “what to do.” That’s why it’s imortant to use these tools to manage your time and productivity…

109. Download Them All! Save time with this Firefox extension that lets you download all the links from a single web page.

110. NoteTab: Notepad replacement that has improved functionality.

111. Short Keys Lite: Used to save time on typing and repetitive tasks. (The paid version provides additional features.)

112. RoboForm: Manages passwords and completes forms with a few simple clicks.

113. Remember The Milk – Simple software that keeps track of your “to-do list.”

114. Evernote – Capture ideas, reminders and notes to yourself. Plus you can put these notes in a variety of formats that can accessed on a number of computing devices.

115. Time Left: Helps you manage time and stay on track with your current projects.

116. Online Stopwatch: This tool tracks the time you work on specific tasks.

117. Flow Keeper: Another timer that works for anyone who uses “The Pomodoro Technique” to manage their time.

118. Rocket Dock: Make it easy to minimize windows and locate the files/applications that you use most.

119. Teux Deux: Create to-do lists that can be synced between your desktop and iPhone.

Your Turn…

In this post, I’ve listed 119 tools you can use to grow your Internet business or blog (Tweet this.)

Now it’s your turn!

In the comment section below, please add free tool that I haven’t included in this list…

Take Action. Get Results.

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  1. I can see so much effort went into this. Big ups to you Steve. Thank you so much for posting this – very helpful post. I look forward to more. Keep well. Ciao.

  2. Great post. This is a perfect example of timeless posts which are to be bookmarked for future reference. And its in writing such posts that you can guarantee traffic for a long time to come.

    Martinsays: great links in here

    • Thanks Martin,

      Hopefully there really is a lot here that can help people out. Probably TOO much for everyone to use effectively, but i am sure one or two of these could be the missing piece for some people.

      Thanks for dropping by and commenting!

    • Thanks Riley,

      I know there is nothing more annoying than trying to remember WHAT password you used on one of the 1000 sites you probably have accounts at (if you are like me)

  3. Holy freakin smokes, Batman! That’s one heck of a sweet list right there!

    Nice to meet ya, Steve! It’s my first time on your blog and what a doozy to land on. (Found you in Adrienne Smith’s CommentLuv section – Gah I LOVE this plugin and swear by it)…Anyway, I was going to comment on one of your sections about dreamlining and goal setting but the comments were shut, so I poked around and found this awesome list.

    1stly, I just adore Google. I think they were my #1 inspiration to being blogging this year. There’s so much value in their innovations and it’s so impressive at what they offer to users for absolutely free.

    Now I am inspired to dig thru your list here deeply. I admit that I am unfamiliar with quite a few of the items you have shared here, such as: Bulk Rename, Fine Print, & DaFont…these are things I need and would use very regularly, so thanks for the awesome shares here. I’m going to RT/FB share with my readers and will definitely be bookmarking this!

    Cat Alexandra

    • Cat,

      Thanks for dropping by, glad you found it!! I agree with you Commentluv rocks!

      Sorry about shutting down the older comments. They were just getting to be too much of a pain to filter for spam. I think I set it for 4 weeks. But I might revisit that and open them again after the new year.

      Anyhow, glad you found me and hope to see you here commenting again! 🙂

      Hopefully some of those you named do help you out. I know quite a few I use A LOT

      Have a great day and a wonderful week!

    • thanks Matt,
      it is a long list, no way you could get it all in one taking, many of these are promising for anyhow hopefully will find quite a few tools that you can really use. Thanks for dropping by,


  4. wow, what a comprehensive list, you are awesome. there are a few on the list I hadn’t heard/used before so now I have a new toy to play with. thank you

  5. Hi Steve,

    It should take you pretty long to compile this list so really thanks for that. Out of 119, i guess i only use 10% of them. Some i have not heard of. Need to check out some of those tools that really helps.

    Thanks for sharing mate.


    • Lye,

      I am sure some of these you never will use, and some are probably already used by many, but I even added a few to my “use” list while researching this. Lots of good stuff out there if you look for it! 🙂

  6. Wow, I have no idea how you can collect all these Steve 😀

    But thank you so much for this great post. I find many of them helpful! Some I have been using for a long time and some I have heard about for the first time. But I bookmarked this post already. Will come back when I need something.

    Thanks for sharing man!

    • Thanks Duy,

      Glad you liked it. I tried to mix in some common ones. A few of these are “must” uses and some are surely situational. I will be happy if everyone who reads this comes away with three new tools they find interesting and helpful!

  7. Great Post Steve..I am new to blogging and just started the website ..I like your other article too regarding how to increase blog traffic . Will continue to visit site with latest updates ..Thnx again


    • Thanks TZ,

      Hopefully you will keep finding good stuff here. I do not talk about building blos all the time, but I do enough that hopefully you will continue to find stuff of use for you!.

      Good luck with your website.

      Ohhhh for today’s tip ( 😉 ) you should get a gravatar so you have a nice picture rather than default icon when you comment.

      You can add one at gravatar.com and it is tied to the email address you input when you comment on blogs, that way all your blog comments should become more memorable to people.

      (and of course less likely to be marked as “spam”)

      Just something I think is important for people to get on early when starting out.

      Good Luck!

  8. You did such an amazing job in this post, specially on free content generation, which is I concern about, I think it’s awesome and it can help a lot of people, too. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge through this post.

  9. Thank you for taking the time to create this list. How generous! I didn’t even know some of these existed. I will definintely be checking into some of them.

  10. Awesome post…. A lot of these are tools that I knew I was in need of but I just didn’t know where to find them. Thanks for the value and keep up the great work.

    • Think how long it took me to find and collect these. Whew.

      This online stuff is a productivity killer. 😉

      Hopefully a few of the tools will make up the time you spend checking them out in long range productivity, though.

  11. Hi Steve
    What a great list of info, just what I need, there is a good free tool called “easy e cover creator” witch I use and am very pleased with it, hope this will help others too.

  12. Hey Steve – awesome list, man!

    I can already spot a few gems I didn’t know about. I’m rubbing my hands together and cackling while plotting their use.

    Hey, does TubeMogul still submit videos? I think I tried using it couple of months ago and it looks like they must have changed up the platform?

    Or maybe I just was in the wrong place?

    Anyway, this is a killer resource, thanks and hope all is well!

  13. Hi Steve,

    Incredible list and I know how long you’ve been compiling this valuable data.

    The important part and that catch the attention of many is the word Free 🙂

    You’ve done a pillar article; hope it’ll have good organic traffic!

    I’d add the SEObook tool bar for Firefox, very useful.

    Still visiting many tools unknown to me…..



    • Thanks Gera,

      I might replace a few, and perhaps even add some “bonus” tools. I will seobook tool bar in mind.

      Hope you find a couple here that are of great use to you,


  14. That’s what you’re all about, Steve… overdelivering! Wowsers!

    I went through it once for the overall affect, now I’m going back in to grab some of these that really peaked my interest. If you don’t see me for a week, come fish me back out. 🙂


  15. OMG!!! When do you find the time Steve? Your posts are always so jam packed with useful tips that it boggles my mind. What a list.

    I’ve heard about a lot of what you’ve shared and used quite a bit of them I might add. I will say that I love Google Voice. Yep, totally in love with that service. Can’t believe it’s free.

    Only Wire is doing away with their free service so that will be gone soon. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.

    Pinterest is a site like Evernote and I’ve actually found it to be a little easier to use. Thought I’d throw that one in the mix.

    I use Last Pass for all my passwords and it’s saved my butt numerous times. Great service.

    So have you tested each one? Just thought I would ask because I see a few I’d like to try but sometimes they aren’t the best. If you’ve used them then I’ll definitely give them a try.

    Thanks Steve, you’re the best.


    • Adrienne,

      I can’t say that I have tried every single one. Most of them I have checked out one time or another, but some of them it has been a while. Maybe about 40-50 I use on a regular and recurring basis. Perhaps I should go back through and put a star next to the ones I use all the time…

      Anyway the ones I don’t personally use I have at least tried once and I understand they are decent services. At least i know they are not scams or spams, but if you have something free that does the same thing…I would probably stick to it.

      If you have a specific question on a product ask it and I will let you know if it is something i have used extensively or just cursorily checked out.

  16. No wonder why you are so successful Steve. This is amazing. Your help is the best in the business, that’s for sure. Thanks a lot.

    I use a lot of free internet marketing tools, but I’m buying more and more things as well. What I haven’t been focusing on, is doing the proper keyword research, and I’m thinking about using the free tools, but on the other hand, I’ve heard so many awesome things about Market Samurai.

    • Thanks Jens,

      Glad you liked it!

      As for keyword research, everything Market Samurai does can be duplicated with free stuff.

      … but that being said, the way it is displayed and put together is great. I really love MS. In fact on my list of, “to do” posts is a review of Market Samurai. I talk about it all the time, so I want a post I can link to about it (lol).

      Basically for those on a budget, there are ways to get by without it, specifically if you are only rarely going to be using it. But if you do a lot of keyword research, it is well worth it. (and some of the free tools can still sometimes be useful)

      • What do you recommend as free stuff for MS? I have only been using Google Keyword Tool, that’s it. I want to start doing some keyword research first, and I’m also thinking about testing some Norwegian keywords too.

        • Lol,

          That will teach me to not make an off the cufff comment. LOL

          OK, it has been a while since I have used some of these (since I do use Market Samurai) but some of these (particularly the google tools) I do still use.

          I am probably missing some but…

          1. Google Trends and Insights to find ideas
          2. Google Keywords and Google Adwords for Traffic/competition estimations
          I actually use these first three a lot even though I DO have MS
          3. Thesaurus (to look up alternate words and see if any are good)
          4. Keyword suggestion tool from wordtracker https://freekeywords.wordtracker.com
          5. SEO quake (show you a lot when you look up top competition) -all good general competition when searching your keywords on google search
          6. http://tools.seobook.com/ A few misc tools, Analytics, link analysis and some other stuff, also has pay versions and some of the free stuff is not as vibrant as the pay stuff
          7. SEOspyglass this has a pay and a free version. I know I checked it out in free version once, and don’t remember how good it was. Might be worth looking at…not sure.
          8. http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/ will help you find out more about your competition
          9. http://www.backlinkwatch.com/index.php# same as above, but formatted differently.

          Now this is what I was talking about. In MS you have a search for competition, that can show you all the links your competition has and their PR. You can get that info, go to each site and then check these links 1 at a time, and also get an idea using SEO quake. I am pretty sure all the info is out there. But not organized very well.

          Using these free tools is FAR better than just “guessing” though
          As for norwegian keywords. That is probably a great idea. My undersanding is that most non-english language searches are fairly wide open. Total traffic might be a lot lower…but ranking highly is likely a ton easier.

  17. My man! Stuff like this keeps me unproductive (reading your posts I mean – I can’t get work done). Honestly that’s meant to be a compliment, let me try again:

    You rock. The end.

    • LOL, thanks James.

      Hopefully the time sink of investigating the ones you do not know here will be offset by the productivity gained from one or two of the productivity tools.

  18. That is a whopping list of freebies, Steve.

    Very nice work getting that collection together.

    I actually have quite a few of those already, and a few others that have slipped my mind.

    Here is one to add to your list. This particular software(burn ISO File to disc) managed to save my PC.

    It’s called Hirens boot CD. It has a wealth of programs installed with the download(mal ware, file management, key registry repair and clean, etc,etc).
    There are so many programs that come with this free download, it takes a while to get familiar with them.

    In my case my old Desktop Pc was hit by a really nasty bug(I am quite proficient with most repairs—-this one was real bad). I was left with no other option than a destructive recovery(Wipes everything except originally installed programs) and I still had a lot of important data on the computer.

    With the Hirens boot CD, I was able to get into my computer and backup to external drive all my important data. After that I did a full recovery, and now my pc is like brand new(literally).

    • Thanks Daniel,

      I will have to check that one out. Having just done a formatting to clear out a virus on one of MY computers I know how nasty these can be. SOunds like it might be a great tool.

  19. hey Steve, this is a great list. one that I would add is Clockingit.com It has a ton of great free tools for managing projects with your outsourcing team, and keeping everyone on the same page.

    Its also great if you are paying people by the hour, and you want to keep track of how much time they actually spend working on your project. I use it daily, and wouldn’t be able to manage my team effectively without it.

    • James,

      I will have to check that one out. Clockinit definetly does sound useful. I don’t have anyone on the hour right now, but I will look into it if I do again. (Bookmarked it)

    • NICE!
      I’ve never heard of that one…so is it more for outsourcing types? I use a tool called Action Enforcer (also the Action Machine? I think it was sold as MPLR software but I got the Action Enforcer version) – but I paid $27 or something and it’s been worth it.

      Only now all these free tools are coming out of the woodworks and I had no idea. 🙂

  20. Here are some more tools that you will probably find helpful to add to Steves

    http://namechk.com/: Check if keyword/name is available at multiple social sites.

    http://textmechanic.com/Remove-Duplicate-Lines.html: Remove duplicate lines of text with one click.

    http://anonymouse.org/: Go to any site from an anonymous IP

    http://www.pingfarm.com/: Bulk url pinging from one click

    http://www.brokenlinkcheck.com/broken-links.php#status: Check for broken links with one click

    http://www.time.gov/timezone.cgi?Eastern/d/-5/java: Check the official US time, handy reference

    http://thebestspinner.com/compare/: Check 2 articles side by side to calculate how unique they are from each other.

    http://www.yougetsignal.com/tools/web-sites-on-web-server/: Check who else is using your IP or webserver

    http://spinnertools.com/: Spin your syntax article

    http://www.downforeveryoneorjustme.com/: Check whether a site is working for everyone else or if it is only you having the trouble.

    http://www.myredirectcode.com/index.php: Make redirect codes in one easy click.

    http://browsershots.org/: See how your page look on heaps of other browsers.

    http://www.seocentro.com/tools/seo/keyword-density.html: Calculate the keyword density percentage for any page

    http://www.google.com/insights/search/: Google tool for long time search terms popularity, location statistics etc

    http://247backlinks.info/: Get 1000 FREE backlinks

    http://www.affilorama.com/free-tools/pagerank-calculator: Check your page rank

    http://www.opensiteexplorer.org/: Check your incoming links and more

    http://www.seoserp.com/web_tools/google_top_1000_serps_checker.asp: Check your SERPs for the first 1000 google results pages.

    http://www.siteopsys.com/prominent-competitors-checker.tool: Check the top 20 competitors for any keyword. Free but you need to sign up for free.

    http://ajaxwhois.com/: The fastest easiest way to check for a new domain name.

    http://www.webtistic.co.uk/keyword-competition-tool/: Check a multiple keywords for the top competition. I love this tool.

    http://www.copyscape.com/signup.php: Check for duplicate content. I’m not sure if this is free but it’s cheap as and I use it every day.

    http://www.articlespinnertool.com/: Another free article spinner

    https://www.socialoomph.com/land: Schedule tweets for twitter and a whole lot more

    http://www.twellow.com/edit: Automatically get Twitter followers

    http://www.squidoo.com/twitterapps: List of Apps that compliment Twitter

    http://www.vidtomp3.com/: Convert any youtube video into a mp3

    http://pipes.yahoo.com/pipes/: This is new to me but it looks awesome for RSS feeds and stuff…I am going to learn this one.

    • Sammy,

      Thanks for the added items. I already know a few of these (copyscape, socialoomph, G insights, opensiteexplorer, brokenlinkcheck, pingfarm) and a few others i have at least heard of. So these seems like great additions. I appreciate it! Thanks for taking time to make some good additions!

  21. Dang Steve,

    You really knocked this one out of the park!!

    There are several tools here that grabbed my attention, definitely going to look into some of these.

    I wanted to share a few services but I can’t even remember them now! lol

    Amazing job!


  22. This list is a goldmine for any internet marketer and bloggers. Thanks a lot for taking time and compiling this list Steve. Will be pretty useful. One of those post that should be bookmarked right away.

  23. This list is so comprehensive! I’ll be working through 85% of it because that happens to be how much I don’t know from the list. Good or bad, I am not too sure but you are responsible for educating me!

    Thanks for the list 😀

  24. Wow, that’s a lot of information and freebies Steve. I am wondering where can I start. Perhaps I can seek your advice again.

    My current situation: Content is regular, almost daily but dropping lately because of priorities. Traffic is quite minimal. Adsense is not working. Still no product yet (in creation now). SEO is not great – can’t seem to track whether my posts ranking high with my keywords. What would you recommend?

    I am still interested in articles submissions that can build more backlinks but I think I have no time to write genuine ones to submit. Any ideas my man?


    • Jimmy,

      Well there are two ways to go about it.

      First of all if time is an issue, you may have to decide one of two things. Either accept a slow build and keep plugging away for a while or decrease the frequency and work on more commenting/linkbuilding etc.

      Now, I have very mixed feelings about spun content. I think it can work…but I would personally NEVER point anything spun directly at this site.

      All the stuff James talked about are great. But most of them do cost $$.

      I have The Best Spinner. I like it, and I use it sometimes. But only to create links TO the links to sites. (I am just paranoid maybe)

      BMR is awesome. I am actually less worried about that linking directly (as part of a larger effort) because you DO have to create you own original content (or pay an outsourcer. I know bethany said she was getting as little as .50 an 150 word article)

      I haven’t checked The magic submitter, but I think I will give that a run sometime soon.

      But all of these are the automated means to boost your specific articles. At this point I still say since you are building an authority site you want to focis on the natural means a lot more. Commenting, networking and guestposting.

      You post 6-7 days a week and I know you do comment now.

      So why not do what you are doing for the rest of December. (build up that nice base of content.)

      Then knock it down to 2-3 posts a week. But still WRITE 5 posts a week. Try to have TWO GUEST posts on related (personal development) sites.

      Once you have gone through the people you have connections with already
      check out http://myblogguest.com/ and try to find new places (at least closely related) to guest post.

      So now you have the time spent for 5 posts a week (you were doing 7, right)

      So take 1 of those “time blocks” and devote it to finding new places to comment. These will be brand new sites. Comment intelligently a few times, if they don’t reciprocate, cross them off your list. If they do, depending on niche, you may have a good place to guest post/network.

      Now in the final time block you can make sure you do backlinking stuff. Play with a few programs. See what you can get for free and even research what some of the pay ones are about and their effectiveness.

      My favorite for now is that BuildMyRank I mentioned the other day. But obviously if you pay the $$ to get something like that, you also really need a lot more time to put into it to make use of it.

      In the long run you want a wide variety of links as well as a community for an authority site. It is a metric ton of work. Just start digging at it.

      Hope that helped.

      As for HOW to go about the spinning/automation part…I don’t disagree with James on that at all. Just look at how many articles he has ranking in top Google results for his search terms sometime and you can see that his methods work.

      (alternately, you could do 1 guest post a week and more of the main link wheel stuff too)

      • Steve,

        Thank you for your take on this and I like the fact that you have given me some no BS technical advice about how to move forward.

        From what you have described, I think I can distill things to two main things for implementation that will suit me – guest post twice a week and start building more variety of links.

        Beyond that, I think I will be overwhelmed.

  25. The most efficient tools I’ve used for submitting links are The Best Spinner and Article Marketing Robot, FWIW. Currently my top 3 choices:

    Article Marketing Robot

    There are others to try of course, like SEO Cobra, Link Aloha v2, Traffic Kaboom, Magic Submitter, Authority Link Network (all of these work from friends I have using them, I’ve used Magic Submitter and it’s the cat’s meow)…

    Not everyone wants to spin/submit but it’s the most efficient means I know of, other than indirect linking to your web 2.0 properties which in turn link to your money sites.

    Course it matters which places you submit to – but as a one-man show, I can vouch the system works and saves time:

    Write articles on popular platforms with your links (article directories, Squidoo, whatever); spin them for your article spinning submission; use that submission to link to these other places you’ve created in step 1, spinning your anchor text and URLs all the while.

    As for time invested: you can set this all up to drip out on autopilot, take a week to build the 1st stage and submit your spun articles…holy cow. Works just fine and dandy.

    Sorry, Steve – didn’t mean to hijack your post though.

    • James,

      Always glad to have you Hijack a post. I know you know more than I do when it comes to the automated part. That is something I have pretty much stayed away from until recently with the niche sites.

      • It’s a niche site “thing,” I don’t use them for my blog TheAverageGenius.net – for that I pretty much just stick to social means if I bother at all. I have in the past used it to rank for certain terms like ArticleRanks Review or tools like that, but only b/c I know I’m competing against other affiliates for plugging a tool.

        But that’s also why I read ppl like you – I know there’s 1000 ways to get ‘er done, and my methods of link-building are more by way of habit on niche sites that I ‘set and forget’ for a while before returning to them later with fresh content.

        Unlike a blog where you’re tied to it for the long haul, there are more effective means of promotion and more social methods tend to work in spades for building a brand vs. building rankings for a site you may just leave to make its money while you tend to other projects.

        So for brand-building no way do I recommend these lesser tools and means, automation on those fronts isn’t really the best choice…but a niche site? If SEO is the main traffic source, or one of them, link slinging saves time and it’s profitable.

        (Caveat Emptor: it’s not for everyone, just a method for making life easier for a niche site on some random keyword/product you’re promoting.)

        Really the thing that link-builders don’t do enough of is build quality assets to link to in the first place: the automation idea is often just a symptom of a lazy ‘marketer’ who wants a quick win and sends junk links to a junk site.

        Not my gig, and I don’t really espouse building a ton of junk links. A spun article, for example, isn’t the same from one writer to another. Some think it’s junk and that’s that – but I’ve had my spun articles published in ezines and trade mag’s (online) b/c they don’t (normally) read like spun garbage.

        If you know what you’re doing and take your time…well. Enough about that.

        I’m way off topic, sorry.

        Great free list. 🙂

        • don’t do enough of is build quality assets to link to in the first place: the automation idea is often just a symptom of a lazy ‘marketer’ who wants a quick win and sends junk links to a junk site

          Here here! Brother! I agree absolutely. It is very important that even if you do link building that you at LEAST have that quality site you are funneling people too…. otherwise WTF is the point.

          I agree with you about the -abillity- to spin an article so well it can not be noticable. For “fun” about a year back I tried to spin the perfect article. (by hand btw…I almost went crazy a few times) It took me about 16 hours of work ( a lot of debugging from missing a | and } (TBS is so much better, lol)

          Anyhow at the end I tried to submit them all to ezinearticles (since they hand check each one) and got about 12 accepted before the first one got rejected.

          But anyhow…now, I am getting off the point….

          But standards are certainly important

  26. Oh my GOD! this is the best list I ever seen! I really bookmark articles but this one deserves it! Thank you so much for sharing something like this, its incredible useful on the long run!

  27. Great list Steve. Lots of tool I have never even heard of. I love Scroogle Scraper. I just used it and found out that I actually rank #1 for “make money online” keyword which Google was showing me as #5.

    I used the online stop watch as well and I was amazed how much time I spend on different tasks, some of them so simple that I never thought I was spending that much time on them,. Great tool for increasing productivity. Thanks man.

  28. Great stuff Steve.

    I love free stuff and I know James Hussey is fellow cheapster (no offense James). There are a few things that are worth spending money on but spend your cash wisely because there is not much you can’t do for free. Paid services are just a little faster and give you access to higher quality distribution networks.

    The Best Spinner is worth the $ but for free, Spinner Chief is pretty good. Also opt
    or the Article Marketing Robot (one time fee) vs. Unique Article Wizard (monthly fee). Free Traffic System is a free blog distribution network and ezarticlelink.com is a really good free blog distribution network that includes a decent spinner (if you submit a blog to the network you can link to that domain and one other one – just use a subdomain of a domain you already own or buy a $2 .info.

    With fiverr you can basically rent almost any paid service, articles distributed distribution, bookmarking, scrapebox blasts, etc. before you want to spend the $ to buy them.

    I made $1,000/month before I bought anything. Heck, I have a pdf with about 2,000 free tools and resources listed. I usually sell it but if Scott asks nicely I would probably let him give to his readers (same goes for James if he is still reading).

    • Count me in – and I am a cheapskate (this month being a bit of an exception). I was making about the same before I bought subscriptions and tools, but mainly at the time through freelancing on Elance, back when I was for hire.

      You mention eZarticlelink – haven’t tried them yet but have been meaning to, I know Authority Link Network is a place to look as well for a similar, if not better network (that’s just a guess from what I’ve read) – for free as well, similar to EzAl’s setup.

      The 2k free tools pdf sounds interesting. Would like to take a look.

    • I sure would like to get a look at that list, too! 🙂 I have already thought of at least a dozen good ones i did not think about first run through here and had about another dozen plus added in comments… but 2000 wow, that is a hefty number. And all really useful ones?

      Anyhow, great comment. I think you are spot on. Pay programs can be more efficient and once the money starts rolling, well worth it, but most of the stuff can be done by some free means (or at least by outsourcing cheap gigs).

      I DO like the idea of taking profit (like your first 1000K) and THEN reinvesting.

  29. wow!! this is just awesome list of tools, i’m using a lot of tools you listed and they are really working awesome. I’ll need to few more here and ” traffic Travis” looks interesting.

  30. Steve, aloha. Thanks so much this incredible list of tools. Two others that I like are Twylah which curates your tweets and scoop.it.

    With twylah, I created a CNAME so that I receive a bit of support from google. Once I set it up, I don’t do anything except Power Tweet my current post to keep it on the front; http://tweets.janetcallaway.com

    The other tool I have started to use recently is scoop.it. On some of them I compile posts by others on a certain topic while on one I am creating now, it will be my posts and comments on a certain topic. Once this one is complete, I will tweet it as well as include it in my signature line. For instance, here is the scoop.it I created on the Klout fiasco. http://www.scoop.it/t/klout-or-clout

    Thanks so much for putting together this great list, Steve. Best wishes for a terrific week. Until next time, aloha. Janet

    • Janet,

      A nice couple of additions. I signed up for Twylah already, I look at the “you bhave been accepted to the beta” email in my inbox almost daily. I have to take action on that. Scoop.it I have checked out too. I have one scoop started, vut I have to get better at starting some others. So thanks for the reminder on these…as well as filling in poeple about these two other great free tools.

  31. Great Great post Steve!
    When I read the title “119 free internet tools to grow your online business or blog” I didn’t expect that you actually wrote down 119 different tools with their link. I thought maybe a link to a site that has several tools.
    I recognized quite a lot of tools that I have in my toolbox as well.
    Aside from the backlink checker from SEO spyglass, I would recommend their other free products as well. Like Rank Tracker.

  32. I love using free tools as a way to check out a service to see if it meets my needs. Sometimes I upgrade to the paid version, and sometimes I don’t. One of my favorites is Roboform. I don’t know how I would live without it. It enables you to create a new password for every log in. (I’ve read that most people use the same passcard for every account they log in to. Not smart.)

  33. very cool list – some of these I know, but always looking to add to my list of resources – might want to add market samurai or social adr as well

    • Russ,

      I have used both of those. Social Adr could be on the list, because it does have a large free component. But MS only hasa short free trial (though I do recommend everyone check it out)

      Thanks for the additions, though

  34. Hi Steve,

    I found a link to this post on Adrienne Smith’s blog. All I can say is wow! This list is quite impressive. I am a new blogger and definitely appreciate this. I don’t have any freebies to share as of yet, but when I do, I will let you know!

    • Kate,

      I haven’t heard of that one. That is definitely a good freebie. I use snagit and love it, so it would not help me personally, but if it is like snagit and free…that is a nice alternative for some people.

  35. Wow. This is a gold mine. All I have with me are Google Analytics and Google Reader. This list really blew me off. I think I will be coming back and forth to this page checking out each and every interesting tool. Thanks!

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