103 High PR One Way Backlinks to Improve Search Engine Rankings

All Internet businesses need a solid search engine optimization (SEO) strategy.

One Way High Page Rank (PR) Backlinks…And every search engine strategy needs a variety of backlinks.

…And the backlinks need to come from sites with high Google PageRank (PR).

Ultimately it’s these high PR backlinks that determine where your site will rank in the search engines for specific keyword phrases.

The question is – “How do you get a variety of backlinks without wasting a lot of time or money?”

This is something I’ve asked myself in the last few months as I develop my niche affiliate income sites.

When it comes to search engines, I believe in the 4 V’s of backlinks:

  1. Volume: The quantity of links to your site
  2. Variety: The number of different links to your site
  3. Velocity: The speed you get links to your site
  4. Verbiage: The anchor text on the link to your site

Now there’s one thing that sucks about building backlinks – If you do it wrong, you’ll get “Sandboxed” or even delisted by Google.  {This is bad.}

My advice is to think carefully about how you get backlinks to your site. In other words, only get links from sites that Google likes.  To help you get started, I’ve found a number of high PR sites where you can get backlinks.


Sidebar:  Each of these listings includes a Google PageRank (PR) number.  Plus I’ve included a few notes on certain ones.  Both should help you identify the best sites to target.

Anyway…here are 103 of the best sites for building backlinks:

Top 10 One-Way Backlinks

Not all backlinks are created equally. You’ll find that certain sites pack a powerful punch with search engines and some are a complete waste of time.

From my research, I’ve found that the following ten websites are the perfect starting point for your backlinking campaign:

1. Facebook: {PR 9 No-Follow} – One of the downsides to Facebook is they have a “no-follow” policy with their outbound links.  This means your site won’t get credit for any link from this social media site.

So why do I include Facebook in this list?

Well, there are a number of indicators that Google has increased their emphasis on the amount of “social buzz” a site gets.  So it’s important to set up a Facebook profile or Fan Page for your website.  Plus you should also make sure this page gets a steady amount of comments and likes.

2. YouTube: {PR 9 Do-Follow/No-Follow} – There’s a little confusion about YouTube when it comes to backlinks. Your main profile does have a single ‘do-follow’ backlink. But all other links (including the ones in your video content or description) are no-follow.

The good news is it’s not too hard to turn  your YouTube channel into a single PR 5 to PR 6 backlink.  This alone can provide a nice boost for your search engine rankings.

3. Blogger: {PR 9} –Blogger is owned by Google and it has a PR of 9.  Both factors mean you should always have a backlink from this site.

4. WordPress.com: {PR 9} – This is another excellent site for creating content on a popular blogging platform.

5. Tumblr: {PR 8} – This micro-blogging platform lets you post text, pictures, quotes and links.  Done correctly, you can get a  PR 6 or 7 backlink from this site. {Watch Ana’s video for more details.}

6. Google +: {PR 8} – This is Google’s answer to Facebook. The cool thing about this site is you can create at least one  do-follow backlink to your website. Even better – Google uses this site as part of their algorithm. So it’s important to create a Google+ page that includes anchor text with your primary keyword in the Profile/About area.

7. Live Journal: {PR 8} – This is a great blogging platform to get backlinks.  Just like Weebly and WordPress, you can create content with an unlimited amount of links pointing back to your site.

8. Weebly: {PR 8} – This is a great place to create free websites.  What I like about Weebly is they do a good job of limiting the amount of advertisements on each page.

9. Squidoo: {PR 7} – This is THE best place to create content that ranks well in the Google search engine. Squidoo supplies a number of tools to make visually pleasing web pages.  Plus you can include multiple links to multiple pages on every single lens.

What I like about Squidoo is it has increased their credibility with Google after the so-called “Panda Update.” Right after the algorithm change, Squidoo got rid of their junk/duplicate content.  Now it ranks better than other sites that had “Pre-Panda Success” like EzineArticles.com.

10. Web Wire: {PR 7} – Get a solid press release backlink for the low price of $24.95. Also, every press release is sent to services like Google News, MSN News, Topix.com, and Ask.com.  This is the best value I’ve found in a press release service.

Blogging, Wikis, and Web 2.0 Backlinks

There is a lot of variety when it comes to creating content hosted on other sites.  You can build blogs, wikis, and a variety of multimedia content.  The great thing is each site is an excellent source for one way backlinks.  The following are the best of the best…

11. Typepad {PR 8} – Okay, this blogging site costs $8.95 per month.  So it might not be the best resource for anyone who is on a budget.   With that said, Typepad links can be an important part of a wide backlinking strategy.

12. Wiki Spaces: {PR 8 No-Follow } – You won’t get a do-follow backlink from this site.  However, Wiki Spaces provides one of the best tools for creating interlinked content.

13. Posterous Spaces: {PR 7} – Another micro blogging platform that lets you share a variety of multimedia links and text.

14. Tripod: {PR 7}

15. Webs: {PR 7}

16. Blogetery: {PR 7}

17. Jimdo: {PR 7}

18. Chime In: {PR 6} – Share and build communities around your favorite topics.

19. Quizilla: {PR 6} – Mostly for quizzes and lists, but you can submit articles with an anchor text link.

20. Blog.com: {PR 6}

21. OnSugar: {PR 6}

22. SubHub: {PR 6}

23. HubPages: {PR 6} – This site is a great place to get high quality backlinks. The problem is they’ve cracked down on “spammers” in the last few months.  So you might want to write 3 to 5 content only pages before creating a hubpage with an outbound link.

24. Blogsome: {PR 6} – Has a very strict policy about outbound links. My advice is to create an account and then wait 30 days before linking to another web property.

25. Blog.co.uk: {PR 6}

26. Xanga: {PR 6}

27. Diary Land: {PR 6}

28. Gather: {PR 6} – Can create profile and add your website under ‘affiliations’ for powerful backlinks.

29. AtWiki: {PR 5} – Host and/or write your own wikis

30. Wetpaint: {PR 5} – Create wikis and blog pages on a variety of topics.

31. Zoom Groups: {PR 5}

32. Insane Journal: {PR 5}

33. Zoom Share: {PR 5}

34. Terapad: {PR 5} –Free website for 30 days.  Then you have to upgrade to a premium membership.

35. SosBlogs: {PR 5}

36. Bravesites: {PR 5} – $2.45 per month starter site builder option.

37. Blogowogo: {PR 5}

38. Thoughts.com: {PR 5}

39. Aeonity: {PR 4}

40. Work.com: {PR 3} – Create ‘how-to’ guides for your business.

Article Directory Backlinks

Many people think article marketing is dead.  Personally I don’t think it works the way it once did.  However article marketing is still a great way to get quality backlinks to your site.  The trick is to create unique content for each directory.  Here are the best places to get started…

41, The Free Library: {PR 8}

42. Article Dashboard: {PR 7}

43. EzineArticles.com: {PR 6} –Lost some of its luster after the Panda Update.  But EzineArticles.com is still one of the best article directories for the sake of building backlinks.

44. Self Growth: {PR 6} – This article directory mostly caters to the personal development niche.  That means anyone in this market needs to regularly publish content here.

45. Articles Base: {PR 6} 

46. UnArchived: {PR 5}

47. iSnare: {PR 5}

48. Articles Factory: {PR 4}

49. Sooper Articles: {PR 4}

50. Idea Marketers: {PR 4}

51. Amazines: {PR 4}

52. Article Alley: {PR 4}

53. Go Articles: {PR 3} – This is one of the few sites that immediately publishes an article.

Press Release Backlinks

Most people shy away from creating press releases because of the perceived cost and time involved.  The truth is most press release sites aren’t that expensive.  Some only cost $20-$40.  And a lot of them are completely free!

The trick to using press releases for backlinks is to target the sites that have high Google PR.  Here are some of my favorites…

54. PRLog: {PR 6} – Provides free distribution to Google News and other search engines.

55. PR.com: {PR 6} –While they offer a free basic service, the premium version can cost a significant amount of money.  Personally…I’d stick with the freebie level because the paid versions aren’t worth the extra expense.

56. Newswire Today: {PR 6}

57. PR-Inside: {PR 6} – This is a press release distribution service that focuses on European media sources.

58. I-Newswire.com: {PR 6} – Another press release site that offers lot of value with their free distribution services.

59. Free-Press-Release: {PR 5}

60. OpenPR: {PR 6}

61. 1 888 Press Release: {PR 5} – Great press release site for getting backlinks.  Plus every submission is permanently archived in their database.

62. The Open Press: {PR 4} – Free distribution for a plain text release.  But you have to pay extra to have one with HTML.

63. Press King: {PR 3} – An alternative press release service. Pretty good price…but also offers a free version which provides a solid backlink.

Document Sharing Backlinks

Document sharing sites are similar to article directories – You create content around topic and include links back to your site.  What’s great about document sharing sites is not many marketers use them.  So your content is likely to get actual readers in addition to backlinks.

64. Scribd: {PR 8} – The king of all document sharing sites.  You should always have a few files with backlinks on this web property.

65. Issuu: {PR 8}

66. Yudu Free: {PR 6}

67. DocStoc: {PR 6}

68. Calameo: {PR 5}

69. eSnips: {PR 6}

Blog Directories and Content Syndication Backlinks

Technically the backlinks from these sites aren’t very powerful.  But they help with the “social buzz” that we discussed before.  With blog directories & content syndication sites you post the best articles on your site.  Then you use their internal traffic to generate web traffic.

My advice is to follow a posting plan every time you publish an article.  Here are some of the best sites for creating buzz around a brand-new piece of content:

70. Digg: {PR 8}

71. Stumble Upon: {PR 8}

72. Spicy Page: {PR 7}

73. Blogarama: {PR 6} – Blog directory.

74. ShetoldME : {PR 6}

75. Zimbio: {PR 6} – You can link your blog and get an automatic backlink to every post you publish.

76. Amplify: {PR 5} – Clip, share, and syndicate your existing content.

77. Best-reviewer: {PR 3} – Create review lists of posts/content related to a specific topic. You can create multiple backlinks to a variety of topics.

78. Blokube: {PR 2} – Blog-specific news aggregator

79. Blog Engage: {PR 2} – Blog-specific news aggregator

80. InfoPirate: {PR 1}

81. Directory Submitter: Semi-automate the process of submitting your website to over 350 web directories.

82. RoboForm: Use the free trial to speed up the process of submitting your website.

83. SocialADR: Submit your article/news story to 22 social media sites.

Bookmarking Backlinks

There’s a lot of controversy about the effectiveness of bookmarking sites.  Many think they’re only used for spamming the search engines.

In my opinion, it’s okay to use bookmarking if you’re linking to quality articles.  The trick here is to also link to sites that you don’t own.  That way your backlinking efforts seems more natural.

84. Delicious: {PR 8}

85. Slash Dot: {PR 8} – Social bookmarking for techie, “nerdy” type of topics.

86. Connotea: {PR 8}

87. Reddit {PR 8} – Get two or more votes gets you a followed link

88. Mister Wong: {PR 7}

89. Folkd: {PR 7}

90. Diigo: {PR 7}

91. Yahoo Bookmarks: {PR 7}

92. BibSonomy: {PR 7}

93. Blink: {PR 7}

94. Jumptags: {PR 6}

95. Buddy Marks: {PR 6}

96. Jump Tags: {PR 6}

97. Clip Marks: {PR 5}

98. Clip Clip: {PR 5}

99. URL.org: {PR 5}

100. Redgage: {PR 4}

101. MysiteVote: {PR 3}

102. Stumpedia: {PR 3}

103. Social Marker Use this tool to submit a news item to 40+ social bookmarking sites

Best Practices for Backlinking

You might be thinking – “So what now?!?  Do I post links on all 103 sites?  That would take forever!”

The short answer is no!  You don’t want to post links on all of these sites.  At best, that would take an insane amount of time.  And at worst, you could face the wrath of Google for trying to game their results.

That’s why I’m going to have a series of follow-up posts to this list.  These will concentrate on the best practices for backlinking.  You’ll learn how to create backlinks in a natural way that will make Google love your site.

Till then, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this list and any other search engine-related question…

Take Action. Get Results.

103 thoughts on “103 High PR One Way Backlinks to Improve Search Engine Rankings”

  1. Wow, thats some list Steve, will bookmark for now and in the new year start checking them out, great resource thanks and look forward to the follow up posts.

  2. Awesome list! For high PR sites like Blogger, it’s easy to set up a blog and post links to your money site. But the blog you set up isn’t going to be PR9. It will be unranked. What’s the value in this? Same for wordpress, tumbler etc.

    • If you read Daniels comment below he gives a great explanation. but in sort even if it does not pass pagerank it is a trusted Google domain. If you can GET some pagrank for them they will be more valuable in the eyes of the big G.

      But some pages are a lot better about passing pagerank overtime to subpages. Tumblr and Squidoo specifically pass a high degree of pagerank through internal means like catagories and comments. So you start with 0, but with a little effort in some of these systems you can grow your pagerank through pages that connect TO the main page and then to YOUR page.

  3. Steve,

    This is an awesome resource! Consider it bookmarked for future reference. I already use most of these but you’ve pointed out a few things I wasn’t aware of.



    • Tom,

      A lot of these I also use infrequently, but it is great to have a wide variety of sources. Quite frankly a lot of these I also use rarely enough I have to look them up in my notes. 🙂

  4. Awesome list Steve! Although, what would really round out the list is some do follow blogs and forums. Blog commenting and forum posting is still a really good way to build back links apart from article submitting and social bookmarking.

    • You are dead on right. forum and doffollow blog commenting are great ways to get traffic AND some nice backlinks. Of course a good dofollow blog list depends a ton on niche. Even in THIS ‘general’ niche I have a couple of links that have 300-400 good sites.

      I probably will make a list of my personal dofollow blogs (which is quite large and many blogs I may only get to one time a month) but generally I think of this as something that everyone should make on their own (depending on niche)

      sort of the difference between Teaching a man to fish and giving him fish.

      Here is a great tool for the dofollow fishing (you probably have seen it…but in case people haven’t)


  5. Steve, this is a good resource but I do feel that you left out something important.

    The PR reported for each of these sites is only the PR of the home page. Site DO NOT have PR, pages do. If you post a new link on one of these sites, a new page of PR 0 is created and your backlink goes on that PR 0 page.

    For some of these sites, the homepage PR will help pass link juice to the inner pages if there is good internal linking going on. Take Squidoo for example. Squidoo has a lot of internal linking and so new lenses will tend to gain PR over time, especially if you use tags and your profile to help get more internal links.

    Blogger, on the other hand, has very little if any internal linking between the the various subdomains. The homepage PR of 9 on this site is completely irrelevent unless you somehow manage to get a link from the home page. For this and other blogging platforms like it, you need to build your own PR for any blogs you create to see the real effect of it.

    Otherwise it would be way too easy to just set up a blogger.com account, create a new blog, create a few posts and get some fast high PR backlinks. It just doesn’t work that way.

    The important thing to consider with PR is the PR of the page the backlink is on and the ability for that page to mature and gain PR without too much work. That’s what makes sites like Squidoo great.

    • Daniel,

      Great explanation here. I will point people to this comment if they have any further questions. I agree some sites (blogger/wordpress specifically) are not great about passing on their link juice. I also agree in the specifics since Squidoo is probably my favorite of the whole bunch. (I even have lenses that outrank page PR of any website I have)

      Still though I think there is value for having a variety of links even ones from sites like blogger and wordpress. But Squidoo, tumblr, hubpages and a few other that are much better at passing PR.

      Perhaps I should go through and make notes on a few.

      Anyway…thanks for a great addition to this article!

      • Think i’ll add in that for WP / Blogger and other no-follow links, while PR / Juice may not flow Trust does, and from what i’ve been noticing, credibility and trust are becoming more and more important factors.

  6. Nice list. Some of these sites are new to me.

    I agree with Youtube. It’s real easy to get a PR4 or 5 profile – just have some activity going on like commenting on videos, favoriting vids and uploads too. Once you have a link in your profile you’ll get some nice juice.

    I had a blog that I had just a handful of posts on and I put in in my Youtube profile without really thinking much about it and was surprised to see that the blog had a PR3 after Google had updated their toolbar Page Rank. I figured out the rest soon after.

    You’re even more lucky now because the new Youtube channels let you put in anchor text.

    • Yeah, youtube drives a lot of traffic on its own, but if you make an effort it is quite easy to get a powerful link from it also! A backlink shouldn’t be the ONLY reason you are on youtube but it is a nice little bennie.

  7. Hey Steve,

    Your list is awesome. I can’t wait to read the rest of your series on creating backlinks. What I’ve been thinking about for a while is if we should hire people on Fiverr to help add our blogs to bookmarking sites and various directories. It’s cheap, and some of the guys are really good. But, if I use them I feel like I have lost control.

  8. Steve,

    A lot has been answered for me here by your post and the valuable comments.

    I have been blogging for about a year and have done decent in the backlinking department. I have one question: does it matter what the content is when you backlink? Does the content need to match the link content. For instance, if I write an article about dogs but I blog about cats and leave a link in the article. Does Google “see” that the content doesn’t match and gives less juice? I hope that made sense.



    • Allie,

      I Am pretty sure I get what you are talking about. The answer is yes. That is called “relevance” of content. You get “some” juice from any link. But if you are linking from a site that is relevant to cats to an article about cats it is MUCH better.

      Furthermore it is not JUST that the article is relevant, but also the site.

      For instance if the site is about cats, the article about cats and the link with nice “cat” keywords. that is the best.

      But you could have a site that talks about cats…but the article happens t be about dogs and still get decent relevancy because the site is relevant.

      Now I hope that is clear.. LOL

      Best bet is to try to at least be in the ‘ballpark’ with your topics. To continue with the analogy linking from an “pet” site/article would be a lot better than one about cars. You do not necessarily need to be spot on but get more “juice” if you are relevant.

      I hope that is clear

      • Steve,

        It is clear to me. There is so much to backlinking, link building and SEO that at times I get so confused. Many times I just give up but only for a little while. i start again when I see traffic go down.

        I’ll be sure to concentrate on backlinking to relevant sites that match my subject matter on my site.

        Thanks so much for replying.


  9. This is a really comprehensive list, best one i’ve found on the web so far. I’m not overreacting, but i admit my searching skills are not that good, still the list remains the best in my book.

    The way i like to create backlinks is over time, few every day but constant, no breaks, just make them look like they show up natural. And always mix dofollow with nofollow, or else Google might be on to you.

    • Yup marcus you hit it on the head. Best linkbuilding should always seem natural. It is far better to do one a day every day for 2 weeks than 14 in a day! SOme nofollow helps look natural and varying your anchor text.

      When I backlink I sometimes even intentionally do the url or “click here” rather than the better exact match keywords to also seem natural.

      Like you I am of the opinion this could be overkill… but I follow a “better safe than sorry” on this

      That and of course trying to make the actual content I am linking from quality too (certainly no spun, thin or duplicate content).

      This way you are giving them the “spirit” of what they want (good content) even if you are bending the letter of the law, so to speak.

  10. Steve, thanks for this list. Lots of interesting ideas developed from this list.
    One additon I would like to make: If the site you submitted to offeres a RSS feed, ping that feed as well. Sometimes this creates a few backlinks to your backlinks.

    • Good addition. Big ones like Squidoo, hubpages etc. will be found on their own. But pinging does give some chance for additional links to the links.

      And for some of the “less traveled” sites pinging might be the only way they ever get found by google and counted.

  11. I love the press release backlinks the most aside from web2.0 sites. It is indeed an overlook backlinking strategy that provide a leverage due to the syndication effect by other wires and auto blog. The good thing is we have the choice to choose only those free services with anchor text to maximize the effect.


    • Yeah press releases are a powerful tool. The only one I use frequently is web wire, which isn’t free. But does wonders. I have heard decent things about the free PR services too. Press releases can be a great way to build both direct and indirect traffic. Nothing to sneeze at.

  12. Hi Steve,

    That’s a massive list! It’s nice to see all those in one post – a nice reference. Thank you!

    I wanted to point out one thing, but Daniel already did the job above. Leaves little for me to say, besides saying that the title of the post is misleading 🙂

    But then there’s a lot to learn too. It was nice to learn about the potential backlink from youtube for example. I think I should do something about it, especially after the recommendation from Jay.


    • Yes, it was a little bit misleading, but not intentional, but misleading. Anyway Daniels addition was a great one.

      Still many of these sites have greater potential, because quite a few do provide links to categories etc. to their homepage which can pass some good pagerank. They all have some value, but there is a certain amount of -relative- value amongst them to be sure.

      Youtube is something I wouldn’t do JUST for the backlink. It drives its own fair share or direct traffic if you rank for keywords (just like google). As Jay mentioned, though by getting out and commenting and adding people you can fairly quickly raise your PR. All comments, etc. are dofollow to your link. So if you comment on a pr3 youtube page it passes pr3 pagerank (albeit internally and with likely a TON of other people sharing) but it can certainly give you one great link as well as the value of the videos themselves.

  13. This is really cool steve.but just thinking about how to build all these backlinks is enough to make one go mad.how to outsource them effectively for cheap would be cool to know. Fiverr and others come to mind here.by the way i use many of these already.and finally ,i would add socialmonkee.com to complete the list for semi social bookmarking services.

    • Yeah, socialmonkee is not a bad addition at all. I atually have an “elite” membership there. (I like the way you can set it on a schedule rather than having to remember to do your 3 each day)

      I am still unsure of how effective SM really is, but for now I use it for links TO my links to my money page. At least that way it will never hurt and can only increase the value of linking pages.

      As for outsourcing…for sure. This is too much for anyone to do ALL by themselves. I just try to mix in a new one every so often. Chances are most people will find a few they like and stick with them. I am personally a fan of Squidoo, but know others swear by Tumblr, Hubpages, Weebly, Facebook etc etc.

  14. This is a great list Steve and I really appreciate it. I have used some bookmarking sites here, I am just wondering why digg, Friendfeed, folkd , OneView and bibsonomy is not included? is there any reason?

    • No real reason except space. I have a list of “lesser known” bookmarking sites that is over 2,000 long. (A lot may not even work though). Folkd is on the list (87) I had to check, because that is one on my hotbar I use all the time. (also Digg and Bibsomy are on the list (70, 92) ) But the others, really just a line in the sand…they happen to be ones that for one reason or another I haven’t used much. Completely arbitrarily probably. I have heard about friendfeed a lot…so maybe I could/should add that.

  15. Wow, you have made such an interesting research, I mean the list of sites. I guess that all readers will be definitely grateful to you! I agree with you that building backlinks can be very useful

    • Thanks,

      Glad you liked it! I do hope that people find it useful. I have been on a kick trying to make useful type lists like this for a while. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment, have a great holiday season

  16. This is really one helpful links Steve. I really appreciate this information a lot. Specially when I just started building backlinks for my blog. I look forward to your update on this one and I bookmarked this post for me to visit it more often. Looking forward for more SEO advice from you really am a wonderful man to follow with.

    • Thanks Ruth,

      Glad you liked it and hopefully this will be a good bookmark for you when you are looking for “someplace different” to link from. It is always great to have a little bit of variety in your links.

      Have a great holiday season!

  17. Hi Steve

    Awesome information. Although there are a lot of new one’s here, I use quite a few of these sites and they all work great. The document sharing sites are my favorites.

    I read somewhere that the free software download sites also work well, but I don’t know much about them. Could you maybe do a post on that if it is true that they work well.

    Thanks again



    • Using software download sites is actually something I havent done much of personally. Maybe I will play around with it some and let you (and everyone else) know about it.

      But my understanding is that it can be as simple as putting a PDF or something into a RAR file, giving a description of the pdf and links. Usually is is the profile of the user that has the dofollow link in it, but everything you share will link to that profile.

      Like I said… this is something i really haven’t played with outside theory. Maybe someone reading this comment could give a better description than that. (along with some guidance)

  18. This is amazing. I had no idea that most of these sites existed and did not know that both google+ and youtube both provide a dofollow backlink. Thank you for this wealth of information.

  19. Steve

    Don’t know if I ever told you but back in the day I spent a lot of time creating back links for my main website in an effort to get to Page 1 for my main phrase. And then I gave up when I realized I was already there in the Video Thumbnails!!!

    Here’s a couple of tips that can help – one that I did and one that I saw.

    If you create say a Blog at WordPress.com, you can set up a blogroll. On that blogroll you can put two or three anchor text links to your website and or internal pages. Then each time you create a new post on that blog, you’re creating multiple links.

    As you know those links won’t have that much weight until your blog ages and gets some ranking…but every little helps and it takes a moment to set up.

    The second one was something that i saw. There was this guy who always ranked above me and his website was utter shite and I could never understand how he got ranked. So I reverse engineered him with Market Samurai and found out he had over 20,000 Freaking Links.

    Here’s how he got them. He developed – or paid to be developed – an online metronome. A simple piece of programming. And he got some music blogs to put them in THEIR blog rolls – the quid pro quo must have been that his code was intact, and his code included an anchor text link to his website.

    One of those blogs on its own had over 2000 pages…so there may be ‘clever ways’ you can think of to adapt that strategy for your niche sites. That way OTHER PEOPLE are building your links for you!



    • Paul,

      The first wordpress/Blogger idea is a great one. I have a cheapo wordpress/blogger site for just about everything I have done for that exact reason. They may not be powerful links, but like you say they take very little time to set up and can be worth something.

      I will even go you one further on that. I have mentioned a while back about how I “amplify” most posts.

      (Link for anyone interested in more info)

      Amplify can be used with effect for whole blog posts or opinions (like twitter). But I generally use it to direct link to a current article and then have it set up to autopost to twitter, wordpress, blogger, friendfeed and a few others.

      As you pointed out this gives multiple links to multiple sites, where each post can also give links to a blogroll. Real multiplication of effort with little time required. Not powerhouse links, but still…worth the minimal effort.

      If you ALSO spend realtime trying to increase the value of the linked sites…it can be even more valuable.
      I have heard of things like your metronome software. Really brilliant. The same thing is true for people with things like free themes. Those little live links at the bottom can really ad up over time.

      I am technically retarded, but for anyone with either the skills or the $$ to outsource an idea (I have been thinking of the latter personally) this can be money in the bank.

      Great addition here!

      As always, you rock Paul!

      In case I don’t see you around in comments between now and Christmas, have a great Christmas holiday for you and your family!


  20. Hi Steve! I am a newbie in this SEO and Internet marketing Affiliate business but I still want to commend the good sharing that you have done in order for people like me to have good backlinks. I hope that once you have an update on the list that you will share it again to the netizens. Thanks and Advance Happy new Year and more power to stevescottsite.com

  21. Thank you for giving me the free list today. I made a 5-year plan to try to rank high-up for my name because I know it is a hard one, so I want all the artillery to get my job finished sooner or later.

    • Jack,

      First of all. I like your site name. Very clever. It is a long process, and to avoid any Google penalties it certainly is better to have a “steady strain” rather than a hug influx of links. Anyhow, 5 years may even be overly conservative. But it will certainly take a year (I would assume) so better to be pleasantly surprised than disappointed. Hopefully these help you to reach your goal! 🙂

      Good Luck and happy holidays


  22. This list is insane. Wonder how much time you would have invested in compiling it. Anyways awesome work. Thanks much! Looking forward to upcoming link building articles.

  23. this is brilliant post, a great list of popular and high PR online resources to build incoming links for one`s website, am sure you`ll help a lot of people

  24. This article is pure gold! A wonderful article, full of useful information, a lot of great websites with great PR. I really needed this list as I am starting a new website and was looking for a list like this. Thank you very much for sharing! Keep up the good work!!!

  25. Great ^^
    Could you tell us what you think of Article Marketing, with tools like UAW or Article Samurai?
    It seems controversial, and it’s difficult to know who to believe

    • Jean Luc,

      My view on article marketing is to limit to a few sites (like a tier one) and then use other sited to link to THOSE sites to raise the value of those sites. (Like a link wheel). I have never used Article samurai (though I love Market Samurai) so I can’t speak to the efficiency of that. I HAVE tried UAW in the past. I though it was “ok” but to be honest, I don’t think it justifies the huge recurring price. If it was that much for a ONE TIME cost, it would be worth it…but the fees are enormous monthly, so you have to really use it to make it worthwhile.

      Currently I am QUITE fond of Build My Rank for article marketing. Since you can get lots of varied sites/ips and it is all original/unique content.


      But I have also been playing with Article Marketing Robot, which seems to be pretty decent and only a one time fee….but not really ready to give it an official “thumbs up” or review yet.

      I guess my doubts about Article marketing lie in the fact that for it to really be valuable, you need to have unique content and most of the services don’t give that… AND that I would never want anything that was NOT unique content linking to my site.. Hope that answers the question

  26. Awesome. There is alot of information about back linking that I didn’t know in this article. Thanks Steve. I had to book mark the page so I can come back to it to re read it.

  27. Steve,

    This is an awesome list, I’m actually having my links on most of these website and I’ll need to work on the rest, from what i learnt having no-follow links mixed with do-follow links will also help. Thanks steve 🙂

    I can’t get enough from your contents lool 😀 , keep up you great work.

    • Thanks for the comment, glad you liked it. 🙂 Yes, although i greatly prefer nice dofollow links, it is certainly wise to mix in a share of norfollow ones too. They may not be AS valuable…but it seems more natural and they do have SOME value.

  28. Thanks for this great list, i have backlinks on already a lot of them, but there are plenty of sites I do not know about. Wondering was Technorati listed, it is PR9 if I remember correctly.

  29. Hi Steve,

    as usual great information here. I have just completed a new blog post myself.

    I was forced to change my website hosting at short notice this week. One thing I have noticed is that my site map is not getting updated as quickly and my posts are not being indexed as fast.

    Have you any comments?

  30. Hi Steve,

    I think you know me by now. I am eager awaiting your information on how to naturally build backlinks. This is something I believe in. With the current traffic I am getting, I can get a little discouraged.


    • Thе easiest way tο ɡеt backlinks without spending much time οr money іѕ tο сrеаtе sites wіth high quality content. Basically, make people want to link to your site because the information you provide is of high value.

  31. Pretty good list !!
    Why is ArticlesBase crossed off?
    Also I haven’t been able to get to Folkd in a long time.. I think it’s off.
    Oh well, I am sure there are bound to be some here and there on the list, it’s not like we expect you to main-TAIN it after all haha 🙂


  32. Very nice collection indeed, Steve.

    Of course quantity of backlinks vs quality is a much debated factor, but I am with you: I love getting quality links, but I also think it’s hard to compete for top keywords without the quantity.

    Personally, I wouldn’t use some of the services – SocialAdr is the one that sticks out. Waste of time.

    And of course, your mention is much appreciated.

  33. Hi Steve,

    This is an amazing list, I haven’t even heard of most of these! The Self Growth directory is one that I need to look in to right away because I write a lot on the topic of personal development. I see a lot of others that I am excited to try as well.


  34. OK, this is awesome, Steve. So wondering if the fact that my name or homepage are often the “anchor texts” is seen by Google as repetitive? I’m building links “naturally” due to ignorance.

  35. Scott
    Great list but I have a question, I’ve always wondered about this, when you’re building articles and posting into blogger and other articles and so on should you link to your homepage or individual pages? or should you do a little of both, if you say both can you tell me apx how much?

    • Amy,

      The short answer is both. You want your main page to gain rank, but specific articles are also very important. Over time I would pick out a few articles that seem to “convert”. Ones that people seem to respond to, that get people to click your links and take whatever actions you desire.

      As for the amount… that is a little harder to say. I would just try to keep it “random” as long as you are mixing it up, exact percentages shouldn’t matter.

  36. Individual Facebook profile pages have a significantly lower PR than 9 but your point is well-taken – the PR 9 of facebook.com does help. I have “nofollow” links from my Facebook fan page that are reported in my Google Webmaster Tools metrics.

  37. I have a blogger account from a few years ago with 723 backlinks are currently reported by Google Webmaster Tools. My blogger page as a PR 1. I agree it is a good source of backlinks from my blogger page to my website. Thanks for publishing the list which I have bookmarked and will be utilizing it for additional sources of backlinks.

    • David,

      I think I probably screwed the links up somehow. I will check it out once I am done commenting. It wasn’t a comment on either one of those. Both are fine places for article marketing still (as far as i know)

  38. dude…wow.. another awwwwwwesome post. i can’t believe i’ve been deleting your emails. this is some good stuff man. i love how you summarize everything into simple to understand segments, and dont put in a bunch of useless fluff info. nice.

  39. Hi Steve,
    as I mentioned in my other comment, I am really bad when it comes to backlinking. This list is really helpful, thanks a lot! 🙂

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