The Process That Helps Me Manage an Authority Internet Business

You need to track a variety of things as an Internet entrepreneur.

This is especially true if you’re building an authority Internet business that deals with a large amount of links, web accounts and content pages.

In a given week, you have to track:

  • Links to promotions and affiliate offers
  • Autoresponder and broadcast email messages
  • Published blog posts and social status updates
  • Ideas to develop into future articles and products
  • Marketing actions you’re currently testing
  • Networking contacts and related websites

Now, most people manage each of these items in a separate document or piece of software.  A simpler solution (in my opinion) is to run your entire business using a simple document.

In this post, I’ll talk about the “master document” that I use to manage my authority site, (DGH).  To start, I’ll talk about why it’s important to create this file.  After that, I’ll provide seven real-world examples of how I use it.  And then we’ll finish off with a simple action plan for implementing this strategy.

Let’s get to it.

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[Free Kindle eBook] Internet Lifestyle Productivity: Master Time. Increase Profits. Enjoy LIFE!

Internet Lifestyle Productivity - Free eBookIt’s time to offer another free Kindle eBook.

This one is titled:

Internet Lifestyle Productivity: Master Time. Increase Profits. Enjoy LIFE!

As always, I’m launching it for free through Amazon’s KDP Select program.  It will be available to download for the next four days.

Starting today (December 9th) to the end of Wednesday (December 12th); you can grab a free copy directly from Amazon.

Here’s more information about this freebie…

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How to Find Time to Write an eBook (Even if You’re Busy 8 Days a Week)

How to Find TIme to Write an Ebook

How to Find Time to Write an eBook

We’ve all heard this before:

“One of the best ways to make money online is to write an eBook.”

I think this statement is true.

But I also believe it’s very hard for many entrepreneurs to find time to write an eBook.

We all live busy lives.

This is especially true if you juggle an Internet business with family, work, and other obligations.

So how do you find the time to write an eBook?

I have a simple answer:

You can’t find time to write an eBook, you need to make it.

Let me explain…

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The Santa Claus Guide to Perfect Project Management

Update (12/22/11):  I wrote this article last year…but I thought it was funny enough to post again.  

Anyway…I’m taking a few days off to enjoy time with my family.  Check out the blog on Monday for an in-depth video about creating simple affiliate marketing videos for YouTube.

I hope you have a wonderful holiday season and enjoy your time spent with loved ones.

Recently I realized I’m a bit cocky when it comes to completing my projects.  The truth is we’re about to witness the best project manager in the world – Santa Claus.

Old St. Nick has been a (not-so) lean, mean, project finishing machine for hundreds of years and there’s no sign he’s going to stop anytime soon.

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Managing Email Overload: How to Stop Being a Slave to Your Email Inbox

Overcome Email Overload

Overcome Email OverloadIt’s easy to suffer email overload with an Internet business.

This is when you spend the majority of your “work time,” answering pointless messages.

That’s why it’s important to have a plan that helps you managing email overload

In today’s guest post, Alan gives a simple step-by-step solution for mastering your inbox.

What I like about this article is he gives a simple solution that anyone can implement.  Use this plan and you’ll experience a dramatic increase in your productivity.

Take it away Alan…

For a lot of people these days, email is an integral part of their lives.

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The Pomodoro Technique: Internet Productivity 25-Minutes at a Time?

The Pomodoro Technique

The Pomodoro TechniqueLately I’ve been experimenting with a productivity method called The Pomodoro Technique.

At first, I wasn’t sure if it would help.  But I’ve tested it for the last two weeks and I can honestly say it’s had an amazing impact on my personal time management.

So today we’re going to talk about The Pomodoro Method; specifically showing how this technique can help YOU get more accomplished on a daily basis.

Why You Need to Keep Track of your Time

Last week I asked a simple question:  How Many Hours Do You Spend on your Online Business?

I was amazed at how hard people work on their online business.  On the other hand, I was a little shocked that some didn’t keep track of their time.  They’ll work hour after hour; never knowing what they’re accomplishing.

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How Many Hours Do YOU Spend with your Online Business?

Online Time Management

Online Time ManagementLately I’ve been streamlining how I use my time.

The goal is simple.  I want to get more accomplished without working longer hours.

To get started, I had to first determine how many hours I work in a given week.

I determined that my average is about 38 hours of work during a typical week.  But this depends on what I have going on in my life.  For instance, I’ve worked little in the last few months because I’m constantly traveling.  And before that, I cranked out 50 to 60 hour weeks to complete my affiliate marketing product.

Overall though, I usually put in a standard work week like most Americans.  (Just without the hellish commute.)

What I’m wondering is what’s a *normal* amount of time for an online entrepreneur?

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How a 30-Day Habit can Revolutionize your Internet Business

30 Day Internet Habit ExperimentWhen I first started this blog, one of the things I did was try a concept called the 30-Day Habit Experiment.

Today I’d like to talk about this concept; why I initially failed with it; and how it’s now helping me get incredible results with my Internet lifestyle.

Introducing the 30-Day Habit Experiment (30DHE)

The 30-Day Habit Experiment (30DHE) is a popular concept in personal development.  The idea is simple.  You “test drive” a habit for a month and see if it sticks.

We all want to live better lives.  Lose weight.  Quit smoking.   Make more friends.  Get that promotion.  Find that special someone. These are all goals people make for themselves.  But they often fail because it’s hard to make a permanent change to their behavior.

The reason people fail is because ‘forever’ seems like, well…FOREVER.  If you wanted to quit smoking, it’s really hard to say you’ll never have another cigarette.

With the 30DHE, you don’t talk about forever.  Instead you make the promise to develop (or change) a habit for only a month.  That’s it.  After the month is over, you evaluate this habit and decide if you want to keep doing it.

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How a Single File Manages an Entire Internet Business

Excel LogoHaving trouble tracking all of your content?

Don’t know what type of email to send subscribers?

Need a place for the links relevant to your online business?

In this post, I’ll show how a single file is the answer to all three questions and SO much more…

The “Master Document” Principle

For many years I’ve used a simple technique to manage each of my Internet businesses.  I call it a “master document.”  (Yeah, not very original.) This file saves me lots of time while writing blog posts and emails for my business.

How does it work?

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Information Overload? YOUR Blueprint for Turning Information into Action


It’s the cornerstone of any successful Internet business. We all need information to learn what techniques are currently working.  Without it; you’ll get left behind.

Odds are you’re in the information business.   It doesn’t matter if you’re a blogger, affiliate marketer, product owner, or complete newbie; your Internet business is based on information.  The question is how to synthesize information without wasting a lot of time.

The Trap of Too-Much Information

Like I said in the article about fighting overwhelm it’s easy to get caught in the information overload trap.  We all want to succeed.  And sometimes it seems like the best way to do it is to read everything that pertains to Internet marketing.

How to Fight Information OverloadToo much information can be a bad thing.  It’s one of those creative excuses we all make for why we can’t more forward with a project.  Often it’s easier to say you’re learning about a technique than it is to try it and make mistakes.  If you let it… information overload will cause paralysis by analysis.

So what’s my point?

It’s simple.  While information is important, it’s also an area where people waste a lot of time.  Today I’d like to talk about my method for synthesizing information and taking action.

What I’m about to discuss is important because it teaches the exact steps to become a mini-expert in any topic.  After this post you’ll be able to learn ANY new concept and immediately apply it to your Internet business.

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THE #1 Internet Business Time Management Tool

Every single day I use a sophisticated tool that allows me to perfectly manage my time and ensure that I’m only working on the things that bring actual results.

This tool helps me do important things like:  Create content for this blog, increase my affiliate income, manage my information product, use social media to network with people, and write my forthcoming affiliate marketing course.

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The Art of Completing Internet Marketing Projects

Completing projects is a major challenge for Internet marketers.  If you’re like most people, your “to-do list” is way longer than your to-done list.

I used to have a lot of trouble with finishing my online business projects.  What finally worked was a combination of ideas I learned from the Getting Things Done book and a few pointers from my dad.

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