Hey! Your Karma Hit my Dogma – A Steve Scott Weekly Roundup

Your Karma Hit my Dogma

Your Karma Hit my DogmaIt is time for yet another Steve Scott Site weekly roundup.  This week’s posts are on the subject or good Karmic and Dogmatic practices for getting ahead online.

It is where the esoteric “right things to do online” meet the well-known practices for success.

Yes! It is where the Karma hit the Dogma.

I will not belabor the bad pun with a long lead-in.  Let’s just get to this week’s links, where there are no weak links (I just can’t stop)…

This Saturday, we’ve got a lot of great links – Including a couple of great reads on Brand Linkbuilding.

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What you can learn about succeeding online from being a nerd.

What you can learn from being a nerd.

I have a secret.

I am a nerd.  I try to hide it sometimes, but it is a fact… so there it is.

What you can learn from being a nerd.
Steve Scott on The Iron Throne of Westeros

I took an hour plus train-ride into NYC yesterday.  Then, I walked from Penn. Station to Columbus circle.  Just so that I could get this picture you see with me sitting on the “Iron Throne”.

I am an avid reader of a lot genre of books.  One type that I particularly enjoy is fantasy.  Specifically the writing of George RR Martin, who wrote the series that the new HBO television series, “Game of Thrones” is based on.

Like any real nerdy fan-boy my love for this specific series of books may go beyond normal appreciation into a near obsession.  I had been thinking about making my next trip around July 10th, then realized the next book in the series (which, in my defense, I have been waiting nearly 5 years for) comes out on the 12th, so traveling before I read that would be an impossibility.

I simply wouldn’t enjoy it knowing I could be reading the book.

What you can learn from being a nerd.

The whole point of this article is not to tell you how much of a nerd I can be.

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Steve’s Saturday Selections: Social Media, Google Panda and Marketing

Get Ahead with Social Media

Lent is here.  For this Lenten season I am giving up whining about the Google Panda Update.  That being said… it is still on my mind.  So this week’s Steve’s Saturday Selections is all about 3 topics: Social Media, Marketing and the topic that I will not whine about.

Google Panda is a good thing.  All hail our new GoogleBot overlords!

I must not whine, I must not whine, I must not whine….

Get Ahead with Social Media

Social Media

Getting people to your social media accounts is part of the battle.  Connecting with a handful of those people in a meaningful way is another part.  Both of those are often talked about in the constant social media quantity vs. quality.  My gut feeling is that they are both important but what also needs to be considered is what Debbie discusses.  Numbers and quality are not the only things that matter but lead generation and conversion are just as important.

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