[Free Kindle] How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers

How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage ReadersHere is another free Kindle book!

This one is titled:

How to Write Great Blog Posts that Engage Readers

As always, this eBook will be offered for free through Amazon’s KDP Select program and will be available for the next five days.

Starting today (January 25th) to the end of Tuesday (January 29th); you can grab a free copy directly from Amazon.

Here’s more information about this freebie…

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Cut the Blogging Overwhelm by Asking These 3 Powerful Questions

Cut the Blogging OverwhelmBlogging can be an excellent source of income. 

But it can also get overwhelming at times.

Fortunately Timo (aka: Productive Superdad) has a few quick solutions.  In this guest post, he provides three simple questions that can help you combat the overwhelm.

You thought that blogging was a simple way to become rich and famous. You thought that a couple of hours per week on your blog would bring you success and fame – almost overnight.

Now, after blogging for a while, you know that this couldn’t be further from the truth.

Your task list is now miles long and even the simplest tasks take forever to finish. You seem to be adding new tasks to your list everyday and you can’t get these tasks done, no matter how hard you work.

This disheartens you and you start to procrastinate – even if you know that your work is important. Needless to say, your progress towards blogging stardom is facing some real difficulties.

The longer you keep working like this, the longer you’ll have to wait for blogging success.

You are thinking of quitting your blogging career because you’re not seeing any results.

And I don’t blame you, since I would feel exactly the same if I were you.

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How to Increase Your Google Website Traffic by 30.01% [Traffic and Conversion #3]

How to Increase Google Ranking Traffic

How to Increase Google Ranking TrafficIt’s time for another update of Traffic and Conversion!

In this series, I list the specific tactics I use to increase web traffic to my Internet properties.

(Specifically I talk about what I’m currently doing to get more visitors to  SteveScottSite.com)

In the last month I’ve worked hard at improving my blog traffic.

And in this post I’ll show…

How to increase search engine traffic by 30.01% in a single month! < – – Re-Tweet this!

Before we get to that, let’s look at the overall traffic stats for November.

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How to Increase Visitor “Time on Site” by 618% [Traffic & Conversion #2]

How to Increase Blog Visitor Length

How to Increase Blog Visitor LengthWelcome to the 2nd update of the traffic and conversion series.

This is a monthly blog post where I discuss specific strategies I use to drive more traffic to my sites and how I convert these web visitors.

(Specifically I detail what I’m currently doing with SteveScottSite.com)

Last time, I discussed 7 ways to increase blog traffic by 25.35%.

Today I’ll talk about a strategy that I’m currently using to increase the amount of time people spend on my site…by as much as 618%.

But first, let’s see what happened in October…

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Email Blogging: What’s Your Opinion?

Email Blogging Envelope

Email Blogging EnvelopeOnce in awhile, I come across an idea that’s so awesome that I kick myself for not thinking of it first.

Recently, Glen of ViperChill.com wrote about a concept called Email Blogging.  (You’ll definitely want to read this one.)

The idea of email blogging is pretty simple.  You combine email marketing with blogging to get the best of both worlds.

You’re still providing great content.  But you’re doing it in a systematic way that benefits your readers while generating  income.

Now, I’m not going to rehash what Glen’s written.  So again, I recommend checking out his post to learn more about this technique.

What I am going to do is list a few advantages/disadvantages about email blogging and then get YOUR opinion on this topic…

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6 Eye-Catching Graphics that ALL Blogs Need

Graphics for Blogs

Graphics for BlogsI don’t claim to be good at making graphics.

Nor do I have an ounce of artistic talent.

In fact when I was 8, my art teacher wouldn’t let me have a pair of scissors because I was too clumsy <— True story!

With all that said, I’m a firm believer that images can enhance the quality of any blog.

That’s why recently I’ve been working hard to improve the overall visual experience for readers.

The following are six types of graphics I’m currently using on this blog.  Each is specifically designed to enhance the quality of the written content:

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7 Links of Highly Effective Posts

7 Links Challenge

7 Links ChallengeI have been blogging for a little over 18 months.

This post is my 493rd post.

I did a post a day for year (to the day) and did much of that while traveling through Europe.

My blog on Day One was far-far different than it is today….

A current reader might see a lot of unfamiliar looking stuff in the form of my old “personal development” type of articles, such as “What I Learned from Punxsutawny Phil” and “53 Life lessons of Homer Simpson”  and they may even see the faint beginnings of my current style with articles like “Why I Love Hemorrhoids”.

In the beginning this blog was a lot more about lifestyle.  Slowly but surely, I have turned the topic of this blog into being more about “how to” make the money that then can afford the lifestyle you desire; rather than telling you how to live.  I think it has been a good change.

The reason that I am thinking back to the beginnings of this blog is because of a challenge…  The 7 Links Challenge to be exact.  (Check out that link for the exact rules)

The idea behind the 7 links challenge is simple.  List your top seven links in very specific categories and give a short reason why they fit the topic.

Of course, all of this looking back has gotten me to thinking about where I have been.  This is a good thing.  Before you can go forward, you have to know where you have been.  And what a long strange trip it has been.

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7 Actions that Increase Blog Traffic by 25.3% [Traffic & Conversion #1]

How to Increase Blog TrafficWe all want to increase blog traffic.

And we all would like to make more money.

That’s why it’s important to take a strategic approach for growing our blogs.

Starting last month (September) I made the commitment to focus on increasing readership for the Steve Scott Site.

My goal is simple:  Get more blog traffic and convert readers into ‘action takers.’

In addition, I’m also implementing the same strategic approach with my niche affiliate sites.

The end result is a series called Traffic and Conversion.

Each month, I’ll test something new with my sites.

Then I’ll report back the results.

The idea here is to provide YOU with specific actions for expanding your Internet business.

I’m pretty excited about this series.  I think you’ll learn a lot from it!

To get things going, I’d like to talk about something that’s important to any blogger…

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Blog Conversion Rates: How a Few Simple Tweaks can Increase your Blogging Revenue

Increase Blog Conversion RatesLet’s be honest here.  The main reason most people blog is to make money.  Sure it’s fun to create content that’s really helpful to readers.  However our end goal should be to increase Internet income.

Unfortunately it’s easy to forget about the business aspect of blogging.  We all get sidetracked by the day-to-day activities to grow our readership.

That’s why today’s post focuses on how to increase blog conversion rates.

The purpose is to help you implement systems into your routine.  Ultimately this will increase blogging revenue.

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The Challenge: How to Build a Million Dollar Blog

One Million Dollars - Dr. Evil

One Million Dollars - Dr. EvilLast Tuesday Corbett Barr of Think Traffic announced his “Million Dollar Blog Challenge.”

The goal is simple.  His team will create a blog that will (hopefully) generate a million dollars over its lifetime.

With this challenge, he’ll show how to select a topic, build a brand, create content, and eventually – generate a sizeable income.

What’s personally interesting is Gene (my brother) and I are already working on a niche blog. Like Corbett, we want to show how to profit from an authority blog (outside the “make money” niche.)  To that end, we’ll provide full disclosure about this process.

For instance, we’ll cover:

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The Drumbeat of the Internet and the Rebirth of the Mom-and-Pop Store

Drumbeat of the internet-Create Quality Content

Drumbeat of the internet-Create Quality ContentFollowing Google Panda there has been a continuous drumbeat heard ‘round the ‘net.

The drumbeat sounds like this:

Ba dum bum bum


ba ba bum bum bum


be ba bum bum bum


tiki tiki boom

Over and over you hear it.

Create Quality Content.  Create Quality Content. Content is King.  Content Matters. Create Quality Content!!!

Are you sick of it yet?

Well…  not me.  That drumbeat is like sweet music to my ears.

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22 Quick Tasks that Increase Internet Income

Quick Tasks that Increase Internet IncomeWe’ve all been there…

You have a little bit of time to work on an Internet business.

Not enough to get “real work” done.

But a few spare moments you’d like to use wisely.

What should you do?

My advice is to focus on quick tasks that get results. Put simply, work on mini-projects that advance an Internet business which don’t take long to complete.

With this post, you’ll learn to maximize those small blocks of times. Specifically, I’ll detail how to turn a few spare moments into an activity that produces real income. To make things easy, I’ve broken it down into two sections:

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